A Tale of Two Schools–CCS v. Pinnacle Classical Academy!!– Report and Evaluation by Robert A. Williams

Two school construction projects in Cleveland County are in the making. Both have just about the same planned start schedule and both have a budget cost of around $10 million. One has already sustained major cost over-run and schedule delay problems brought about by a seemingly never ending series of very bad management decisions and foiled attempts to cover-up the mistakes. The other had a groundbreaking ceremony last week, construction will begin Monday, June 6, 2016 and plans are the school is to be complete next year. And smooth sailing is expected on the project. Read on.

CCS has been in the news recently regarding the construction of the new North Shelby School Project. As it turns out the decision to build the new North Shelby School Project on the same grounds as the James Love School was half baked, premature and without proper review and discussion. First of all, the decision on the location of the new North Shelby School on the James Love property was made for reasons unrelated to common sense, cost controls and were the result of wishful thinking instead of gathering all the facts and utilizing sound judgment. Scroll on back and read previous reports and view CCS Board Meeting video. I will not waste thousands of words to repeat all the facts about that in this article.

What I will say in addition to previous reports on the ill fated new North Shelby School Project is the management team running the new North Shelby School Project appears to consist of the an unqualified school board making the bad decisions, CCS staff not adequately qualified in commercial construction and the CCS architect, Roger Holland, has been told by the school board that cost is no object to making the North Shelby School Project fit on the James Love property. This is a formula for disaster.

Unanticipated costs (yet obviously needed) for backfill of gullies and remediation of soil unacceptable for commercial construction on the James Love location have now exceeded $400,000 and are estimated to reach $1 million before the first shovel digs any dirt at the James Love property where the New North Shelby School Project will go. Some have estimated the new North Shelby School Project actual cost will exceed $14 million if and when all the unbudgeted costs are dug out of the CCS “creative accounting” for which CCS is fast becoming famous.

The other school being built in Cleveland County is the new Pinnacle Classical Academy to be built on Joe’s Lake Road. Pinnacle Classical Academy (PCA) is a “Charter School” not under CCS Board control or management. Pinnacle has raised their own money for this school construction project and have shown and exercised good financial management skills from the start.

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