A recommendation from the public on how to hire a new CCS Superintendent. By Robert A. Williams 2/12/2014

A recommendation from the public on how to hire a new CCS Superintendent.

By Robert A. Williams  2/12/2014

Given the CCS Board’s stated Vision- “To become one of the 10 best performing districts in the state by challenging each student with an exceptional education experience,” this process is easy.

I.  Identify:

  • The 10 best performing districts in the state of North Carolina and their superintendents.
  • The Best Charter School superintendents in NC.
  • The Best Private School superintendents in NC

2.  Actively recruit from those proven superintendents.  Do not wait for applications from around the world.

3.  Hire the best candidate with a salary, bonus package etc as necessary.  It will be worth it to get a proven superintendent from one of the best performing district or schools.  If necessary go the Cleveland County Commissioners for economic development incentives/funds to hire such a high achiever.

4.  Charge the new superintendent with doing what he/she did to make their school or district perform so well and implement 100% with full Board oversight on financial transactions and budgets.

Per Allison Schafer’s presentation 2/11/2014, the items related to background checks, application process, leadership attributes to consider, interviews, etc can be shortened considerably since these are proven superintendents with such checks etc. already acknowledged.


Other considerations are:

  1. Get this CCS Credit Card/Financial scandal behind us.  Answer all FOIA requests fully and honestly.  No supt. candidate wants to walk into a scandal from the git-go.
  2. Look for a supt. who has experience implementing programs that fairly evaluate teacher and staff performance with links to pay/salary like the new program mandated by new state law.
  3. A Private School candidate probably has the best rapport with the community and especially parents.
  4. Look for a supt. with experience handling issues with restoring public trust after some sort of scandal.
  5. Look for a supt. with experience handling disciplinary actions with personnel.
  6. Look for a supt. with experience handling lawsuits against the district, with the goal of avoiding lawsuits in the first place.  Especially with lawsuits that the district is bound to lose.
  7. Look for a supt. with no personal scandals themselves.  Such as running off with someone else’s wife/husband, questionable financial transactions, etc.
  8. Look for a supt. with no family or personal ties to Cleveland County.  A total stranger who will be objective and fair to all is preferred.  An insider would tend to keep things as they are–near the bottom in state rankings.
  9. Look for a non-golfer.
  10. Look for a “stickler” for details.  “The devil is in the details, but so is the salvation.”
  11. See if David Burleson is available.
  12. Do not hire Art Stellar.


Perhaps other ideas will come later.

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