Shelby Action News Blows Doors Off Shelby & Skippy’s Star!!! By Robert A. Williams

A recent post on Shelby Action News ( pretty much summed it up.  There are two Shelbys’.!!!  The in-crowd Country Club Folks and the outsiders like everybody else.  Black, white, Mexican, man or woman-but outsiders still.  The outsiders who don’t get justice at the courthouse, at the DSS, at the tax office or most everywhere else that is controlled by the in-siders-which is everywhere in Shelby and Cleveland County.


Mr. Judge Dina (Skippy) Foster

904 Meadowbrook Ln

Shelby, NC 28150-5531


Shelby Action News noticed that after the Black Minister and the so-called “High-End Prostitute” were set up and charged with misdemeanor crimes.  Everything was a setup by under-cover police who apparently didn’t have much else to do.  Even though real crimes with real victims abound in Shelby and Cleveland County.  But  Skippy did his best to smear these innocent until proven guilty and otherwise respectable people for a fair thee well.  You can always tell when Skippy or some of his in-crowd advertisers get mad at somebody.  Skippy goes above the call of duty as a newspaper person and smears those folks without mercy.  Skippy tells stuff that has absolutely no news value-like where these folks live, work and such.  Even Skippy’s Message Board, mostly overrun with the gay and lesbian anti-Christian agenda folks, complained about Skippy’s smear campaign.  And that is totally unusual.  Hey Star Message Board folks, send this to Skippy and see how he likes it.  Ya reckon he likes this dose of his own medicine.

Go to and read this article for yourself.  There are those that say Robert A. Williams writes all the stuff that makes the High and Mighty in-crowd look bad.  The RAW-Man never wrote this Shelby Action News article but I wish I had.  This is a good article and hits right downtown where it hurts.  It is good to have others get on board with telling it like it is in Cleveland County.  All I can say is STAY TUNED !!!  There is bound to be more on the way at Shelby Action News.  I am SURE there will be more at Citizens For Good Government.  I can promise you on that.

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