600+ Christians and 2 Infidels Turn out to CCS Board Meeting!!!– Report by Robert A. Williams

The CCS Board was severely criticized for excluding hundreds of Christians at the October 12, 2015 school board meeting, so they were “embarrassed” into moving the October 26, 2015 meeting to the Shelby Middle School gymnasium. With more seating available at the SMS gym, the school board was not able to pack their people into the gymnasium as they did at the Central Services Building to discourage citizens from attending. Now the parking at SMS was packed to the gills with many having to park on the grass. I could just tell it was going to be an exciting night for a stupid school board who had already turned their backs on the citizens who had previously voted them into office. People were turning out in record numbers and not to sing the praises of the incumbent school board members running for re-election. Since the SMS gymnasium was bigger and the bleachers more spread out than the auditorium where school board meetings are usually kept, it was easier to get an accurate head count. I counted 627 in attendance.

At 7:00 PM sharp School Board Chairman Phillip Glover hammered the gavel down to start the meeting. Glover called for a Moment of Silence and almost the entire audience broke out in the Lord’s Prayer standing as they Prayed. Only School Board Members Danny Blanton and Roger Harris (who has previously voted twice against Prayer) stood with the audience. Notice that The Shelby Star article does not provide this and other details in their reports of the meeting.

Following the Pledge of Allegiance, the usual recognition’s and adoption of the Agenda, which board member Danny Blanton voted NO without comment. I forgot to ask Mr. Blanton after the meeting about his no vote on this item. I will try to reach Mr. Blanton later and make a report.

The next item was Public Participation. This is what everybody came for. I was the last to sign up and I signed on a blank sheet of paper since all the forms had been used up.

There were special seating for those who were participating in the public participation and as I walked over to that area, I recognized Tony Brown. Rev. Brown founded the NC Piedmont Church of Wicca (Witchcraft) about twenty years ago and was in the area for those who were going to speak. I knew right then something was up. Either the School Board members who voted against Prayer recruited Rev. Brown to muddy the water or he just decided to come on his own looking for publicity. The person sitting right next to Rev. Brown was sitting close enough to almost be in Tony’s lap. My first thought was this was someone Tony had recruited from the Gay Rights Picnic held at the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer. No matter, these two were certainly NOT Christians and were some sort of infidel. 600+ Christians and 2 infidels.

For those who don’t know about Wicca and the Rev. Tony Brown I will give you some information that I have gathered over the past twenty years observing this crowd that most people do not want to admit. They are dangerous to our children and I will tell you why.

Wicca is a new-fangled word for old style witchcraft. Paganism and Satanism are their cousins. They are all over the country and their books are in our bookstores. Go to any bookstore and go to the “New Age” section. The shelves are full of books telling you how to cast spells and all sort of evil doings. The Wicca folks say they practice “White Magick” instead of Black Magick. White Magick spells being for good things to happen, Black Magick spells for bad things to happen. You can do a Google search of “wicca” and find out that all I am saying is true.

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