2016 Republican Primary Election Recommendations:– Recommendations By: Robert A. Williams

The following information was developed to provide information regarding the 2016 Democratic Party Primary Election for Cleveland County. A Marked up Sample Ballot is also provided to you as a convenient guide to take with you to the voting booth. Print off several copies of the Marked Up sample ballot to take with you and share with others.

Be sure to carry a picture identification with you to vote. Otherwise you may be turned away.

Please note that we do NOT endorse candidates. We evaluate every candidate running for every office, make informed and independent evaluations on those candidates based on information from a variety of sources. And then we recommend the candidate we believe is the best person for that office.

We recommend Donald Trump for US President!!! Of all the candidates on the 2016 Republican Primary Ballot, only four are still in the race. Donald Trump is presently the leader, winning nine states. Ted Cruz won four. Marco Rubio has one. John Kasich has none. All the other candidates have dropped out at this point.

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are both freshmen US Senators who were elected to bring about change in Washington DC but have brought about no changes. John Kasich is the Governor of Ohio and a former US Representative who was good at balancing federal budgets. Cruz and Rubio are turning their campaign to a run down Trump affair dredging up phony stuff that is up to 35 years ago. Kasich has not resorted to bad mouthing Donald Trump, but has literally no chance for the nomination.

The big campaign donors who control both the Republican and Democrat “establishment” candidates (Except Donald Trump, who is paying his own way), resent Donald Trump’s independence and are making many false or misleading charges against Trump. Most of the charges are clearly without merit and so twisted as to be untrue. At this point we recommend voting for Donald Trump as the Republican candidate and don’t pay attention to any bad mouth statements regarding Donald Trump.

US Senator:
We recommend Richard Burr for the US Senate. Richard Burr is an incumbent US Senator with a record that is not so conservative. Despite the US Senate leadership holding back on confrontation with the Democrats and President Obama over US Supreme Court nominations and failing to stop ObamaCare, Burr, as an incumbent has a better chance of making sure this office is not won by a liberal Democrat. Otherwise, we would recommend Larry Holmquist or Paul Wright who are more conservative. The bottom line on this election is to keep this office Republican as a Democrat in the White House or a Democrat Senate majority would control who replaces US Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia. If that Court seat goes to a liberal, we can count on losing our guns, losing control of our earnings and a country over run by illegal aliens who will be able to vote Democrat from now on.

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