2016 Democrat Primary Election Recommendations: By: Robert A. Williams

The following information was developed to provide information regarding the 2016 Democratic Party Primary Election for Cleveland County. A Marked up Sample Ballot is also provided to you as a convenient guide to take with you to the voting booth. Print off several copies of the the Marked Up sample ballot to take with you and share with others.

Be sure to carry a picture identification with you to vote. Otherwise you may be turned away.

Please note that we do NOT endorse candidates. We evaluate every candidate running for every office, make informed and independent evaluations on those candidates based on information from a variety of sources. And then we recommend, based on a Democratic Party Perspective, the candidate we believe is the best person for that office.

We recommend Bernie Sanders for President. Sanders is a Socialist, bordering on a Communist. But Bernie is apparently honest-that is, he has not been caught up in any scandals. Hillary Clinton is on her way to a likely criminal indictment unless the Obama administration saves her. Bernie has no real record of accomplishment in his years in government service, but neither does Hillary. O’Malley was the former Governor of Maryland and look at what a mess Baltimore has become. De La Fuente, well, he might as well not even signed up. Nobody knows who he is and he has not been invited to any Democrat debates.

US Senator:
From a Democrat perspective we have to recommend Deborah Ross for the US Senate. Although Ms. Ross is heavily involved with the ACLU, is against having the Ten Commandments posted in schools because she says it is unconstitutional and she wants to let illegal aliens come in droves to North Carolina and sign up for welfare benefits, she is endorsed by the Washington DC Based Democratic Senatorial Selection Committee (DSSC) in a nationwide effort to defeat Republican Senators up for re-election. Therefore, she will be better funded than her opposition candidates: Ernest Reeves, Chris Rey and Kevin Griffin who pretty much believe the same things. If elected, Deborah Ross will be another Kay Hagan and accomplish about the same as Hagan-Nothing. But, this is apparently what the democrat party has become. It is a shame Washington DC Democrats gets to pick North Carolina elected officials.

NC Governor:
We recommend Ken Spaulding for US Senate. In this case it is anybody but Roy Cooper, the multi-term Attorney General who has stayed in office mostly to cover up crimes for former democrat governors. And, probably himself. Spaulding is NOT supported by Democrat Party insiders and is African-American. With 45% of statewide democrats being African-American and a two year head-start running for this office, Spaulding may give Roy Cooper the heave-ho in the Democrat primary election for NC Governor.

NC Lt. Governor:
We recommend Linda Coleman for NC Lieutenant Governor. Linda Coleman is a former State Representative who has run for office several times previously. Ms. Coleman is very liberal as are her opponents Holly Jones, Ronald Newton and Robert Wilson. Ms. Coleman probably has the best chance to run against incumbent Dan Foster (who has no primary opponent), she is likely to be overwhelmed in the General Election.

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