2010 Elections Board of Commissioners Recommendations by Robert A. Williams

Board of Commissioners:

We recommend Phillip Bradford and Jason Falls for Cleveland County Commissioners. Folks, go to Cable Channel 19 and watch the Commissioner Candidates Forum of September 27, 2010.  Jo Boggs and Eddie Holbrook talked jobs for the people, but not for their people.  Their people are the elitist County Club and DCC crowd who also don’t have jobs.  Their people don’t need jobs; they have plenty of money already.  Jo and Eddie didn’t have much to say for people who need jobs so they can put food on the table and pay their mortgage or rent before they get thrown out on the street.  Jo and Eddie did have one use for the working people:  pay the taxes that Jo and Eddie like to spend.

It was interesting to hear Jo Boggs tell about how, in that very auditorium (named after Eddie Holbrook’s in-laws), she had lectured Governor Beverly Perdue to bring jobs to Cleveland County.  I reckon Gov. Perdue did her part by sending a $1.5 million State Grant to DCC for them to squander.  As for Jo’s part, she is too fond of being bragged on by the people she surrounds herself with to understand that she has actually not helped the workers of Cleveland County at all.  If Cleveland County was able to prosper based on the talk of Jo and Eddie while looking through their “rose colored glasses,’ we would ALL be Millionaires.

But real life don’t work that way.  Sweat and hard work are the things most of Cleveland County people have to do to survive.  That is where Jason Falls and Phillip Bradford come in.  All they promised was to let every worker keep more of their wages through smaller government and lower taxes.  Jason Falls provided statistics that showed there were 91 counties ahead of Cleveland County in unemployment rates, 97 counties were ahead in finding jobs for their citizens and 73 counties were ahead in lower property tax rates.  If that ain’t proof enough on who to vote for, then I don’t know what is.

Mark your ballets Jason Falls and Phillip Bradford for County Commissioners!!!