2010 Elections District Attorney District 27B Recommendation by Robert A. Williams

District Attorney District 27B

Leave this blank for obvious reasons.  Cleveland and Lincoln Counties voted for this self-proclaimed “prosecutor” in 2006 and have been sorry ever since.  Hey, the “prosecutor who is afraid to prosecute” would be a better description of DA Richard Leroy Shaffer.  I have tried hard since Leroy was elected DA to catch him trying a serious felony case in Superior Court.  I have only caught him trying four cases.  Two were for littering, which DA Shaffer lost.  One was for damaging personal property, which Shaffer also lost.  And one case was for assault on a female, which Shaffer won.  If any candidate deserves a “blank” vote, it is the High DA, Leroy Shaffer.  One more thought.  Democrat Shaffer decided to bring felony charges on Republican David Morrow, whom the “establishment” Republicans are having a blood feud with.  In return (?), Republicans did not run a candidate for DA against Leroy even though they could have.  Is this a coincidence or what???  Again, leave this blank!!!