2010 CGG Election Guide By Robert A. Williams

Politics and Voting Smart always requires two things: knowledge about the issues and candidates and then, getting yourself out to vote on Election Day, November 2, 2010. The purpose of this Guide is to provide knowledge of the issues and candidates. We will even make recommendations. It is up to our readers to take that knowledge, make wise choices and get out to vote in order to fix the problems in our Country, State and County. Whether you agree with our views or not, we urge you to copy off a sample ballot to help you remember which candidates to vote for on November 2.

Also, remember that voter fraud happens everywhere. Early and absentee voting leaves your ballot security in the hands of others for days and weeks at a time. This is an opportunity for mischief. Your vote can be switched with votes more favorable to those that have already messed up our Country, State and County for their own gain. A vote on Election Day goes into the ballot box and then comes straight out for counting. There is less chance for switching and miscounting when more people are watching. It is just that simple.

We will start with National Offices, then State and District Offices. Then County Offices. Then Judges. Just like on the ballot. Because we want to help you utilize CGG to its fullest potential, we have listed the US Senate, NC State House of Representatives, the Sheriff’s Department, the County Commissioners, and the Judicial races separately. Just go to the 2010 Elections tab and click on the appropriate categories to see our recommendations for these offices.

One more issue. If there is only one candidate running for an office, the CGG recommends leaving that office blank. Our democratic Republic form of government requires competition for elected office to make our government work like it should work. With only one candidate running, there is no way to throw out candidates that are bad for our government.

Now, you are ready to mark your ballots. Please do NOT put checks, Xs, circle the names, etc.  Mark the oval alongside the candidate you intend to vote for as shown here.  Completely fill in the oval or the voting machine will not read your ballot correctly.

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Straight Party Vote–Do not mark at all.

We recommend leaving this blank. Some of our recommended candidates are Democrat and some are Republicans and unaffiliated.  If you mark this Straight Party vote and then mark somebody of a different party later on, the voting machine may count your vote incorrectly.  We don’t want that.

Read on!!!

United States Senator: We recommend Richard Burr for US Senate.

US House of Representatives: We recommend Jeff Gregory for US House District 10.

NC State Senate District 46: DON’T vote for Debbie Clary.

Our recommendations for NC State House of Representatives District 110-Kelly Hastings. District 111-Mary Accor and District 112 Jim Proctor.

Do NOT vote for District Attorney District 27B, Richard Leroy Shaffer.

Our recommendations for Board of Commissioners are Phillip Bradford and Jason Falls for Cleveland County Commissioners.

Remember our philosophy of not voting if only one person is running for office. To that end, there’s no need to vote for Clerk of Superior Court nor for Coroner.

Sheriff of Cleveland County: Alan Norman

The only names you need to remember when voting for Judges are Barbara Jackson, NC Supreme Court Associate Justice; Ann Marie Calabria, Rick Elmore and Dean R. Poirier for Court of Appeals Judges.

Sanford Steelman, Forrest D. Bridges, James W. Morgan and Ali Paksoy, Jr. are running unopposed for Judicial office. Leave their ovals BLANK!

Don’t forget to turn the ballot over as there’s more voting to do!

We recommend Roger Eaker for Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor.

We recommend voting AGAINST the referendum on the Constitutional Amendment!!!

And don’t forget our recommendations of Doug McCullough, Pamela M. Vesper, and Jewel Ann Farlow for Court of Appeals Judge.

The above is strictly a recap of our recommendations. We strongly urge you to go to the “2010 Elections” tab and click on the individual categories where you will get the full story on our choices and why we made the recommendations we did. We’ve also published a sample ballot showing what the actual ballot, marked up to show our recommendations, looks like. Be sure to run off a copy and take it with you to the voting booth on Tuesday, November 2, 2010.

Also, we recommend voting on Election Day. This way there is less chance your ballot will be miscounted or lost and substituted for. This might not be Chicago, but Chicago probably took a lot of lessons from the crooked ballot-counting in Cleveland County. That’s what Buck Carr says anyway.

Stay tuned to other articles, news and opinions in this Citizens for Good Government Publication.