US Senate Race Thom Tillis vs. Kay Who???


Reported by Robert A. Williams

Tons of money from outside North Carolina are pouring into Kay Hagan’s re-election bid for the United States Senate. Hagan was elected to the US Senate on the coattails of Barack Obama in 2008 and has been silent until just recently. Hagan, in Washington, would just vote like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and President Obama said and forget about us po’ folks back in North Carolina. Until it is time for her re-election and the Senate majority is at stake this year. Any other time, nobody outside of North Carolina would care about Kay Hagan’s do nothing ways. Much less donate any money to get her re-elected.

As a US Senator represented North Carolina Kay Hagan has authored exactly ZERO pieces of legislation in her entire six year term. But don’t get me wrong, that is the GOOD news. The bad news is Kay Hagan has voted for all the BAD legislation someone else wrote. Kay Hagan voted for ObamaCare without reading it. Kay Hagan voted for all the $trillions that went to bail out the banks, who then turned around and paid their executives $millions in bonuses. Kay Hagan voted for all the spending that has raised our national debt so much that China probably owns the US Government lock, stock and barrel. Kay Hagan supports gun control, gay marriage, cutting education funding, pulling troops out of Iraq-allowing ISIS to behead Americans, the bad stuff goes on and on.

But, to hear Kay Hagan now, in all the commercials outsiders paid for, you would think Kay Hagan actually did something the past five and half years. So, let’s look at what Kay Hagan has done.

Kay Hagan helped the Veterans get help at the VA Hospitals? No. Kay Hagan did Zero on helping veterans.

Well, Kay Hagan must have helped straighten up the mess with the IRS scandals. No again. Kay Hagan wants to drop the investigation on the abuses of the IRS.

Kay Hagan must have been working hard to protest Americans from the new Islamic terrorist group ISIS. Kay Hagan has made sure our military has the funding it needs to fight terrorism. Nope, Kay Hagan blocked any spending cuts on unnecessary stuff, and was a part of the sequestration deal that cut our military to pre World War II levels.

Kay Hagan is on the Armed services Committee. Kay Hagan is tough on those who want to hurt America. Nope!! Kay Hagan played hooky on over half of her committee meetings. She was out fundraising. It’s on the record.

Well, forget all of that. Kay Hagan is all for closing our borders against illegal aliens and those with diseases such as Ebola. Wrong again. Kay Hagan is missing in action here too. Kay Hagan supports giving all these illegals and disease ridden undocumented aliens amnesty. Feed the illegal children and put them all on welfare. North Carolina has received their portion of these illegals without notice to local NC officials thanks to Kay Hagan.

Well, Kay Hagan has been in Washington for almost six years. She must have done something to help North Carolina. Wrong on every account. All Kay Hagan has done is vote to support Harry Reid and Wall Street and those money bag people from out of state who are now sending Kay Hagan tons of money to get her re-elected to keep their own bandwagon well funded.. And run down Thom Tillis in the process.

So, What is the best thing about Thom Tillis. First of all and probably most importantly, Thom Tillis is NOT Kay Hagan. Any village idiot from any town in North Carolina could have done better than Kay Hagan in Washington.

But Thom Tillis is not a village idiot, although many Kay Hagan supporters would like you to think he is.. Thom Tillis has become the Speaker of the House of Representatives in North Carolina and done many good things.

First, Thom Tillis has funded education in North Carolina to the highest levels in NC history, even more that Gov. Beverly Perdue who was a big spender herself.. Oh, all these old School Boards, such as the one in Cleveland County, have claimed that Tillis has cut teachers pay. Not so. Tillis has raised teacher pay 7%. School Boards like in Cleveland County have taken the extra money Tillis provided them and wasted it, then wanted more. When they were told no more, they falsely claimed Tillis had made cuts. Same old dirty politics from the School Boards who refuse to do anything to those administrators who wasted all those $millions on phony credit card charges and meals at the Country Club. And don’t forget the massages at the Grove Park Inn. Tillis gave the School Boards much more money to educate our children. Now it is the School Board’s turn to stop the wasteful spending and get with the program. School Boards don’t like the accountability Thom Tillis has put on them, whether or not local citizens keep on electing wasteful spenders to the School Boards.

Also, Thom Tillis has provided oversight on the General Assembly and lowered corporate taxes so North Carolina businesses are more competitive. That means more jobs for North Carolina and Cleveland County too.

And, let’s not forget about the Keystone Pipeline that would help the USA, including North Carolina and Cleveland County get cheaper gasoline and be independent of the turmoil in the Middle East. Kay Hagan and Harry Reid have helped bottle up approval for the pipeline. Thom Tillis would vote yes for energy independence and cheaper gas prices in the process. Is this a no-brainer or what? Kay Hagan has got to go!!!

And let’s not forget morals. Thom Tillis helped get the Marriage Amendment into the North Carolina Constitution to make marriage legal only between a man and a woman. Like the Bible says. Cleveland County voted 80% in favor of the marriage amendment directly and 80% for Thom Tillis indirectly. Kay Hagan wants Federal Judges to overturn the will of the people in North Carolina by supporting the appointment of Federal Judges who support gay marriage.

Folks, Kay Hagan has got to go!!! And the Libertarian candidate will only siphon votes away from Thom Tillis and help Hagan go back to Washington.

We recommend Only Vote for Thom Tillis for US Senate on Election Day. Take someone with you.

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