Sex Scandal at Shelby High School??? CCS School Board Had this Covered Up–Almost

Sex Scandal at Shelby High School???

CCS School Board Had this Covered Up–Almost

By Robert A. Williams

First of all, let’s decide whether or not this is a Sex Scandal, a sex act, criminal or what.

Allegedly a young female teacher at Shelby High School with large breasts grabs high school boys, pulls their faces onto her breasts and offers “you can suck on these if you want to.” The teacher has resigned and her resignation was accepted by the Cleveland County School Board in open session during the School Board meeting held April 14, 2014. The same night that Burns Middle School teacher Caron Blanton’s more infamous resignation was accepted amongst all the Board member fireworks that resulted in School Board member Danny Blanton being threatened by Board Chairman Jack Hamrick. Go back and read the “Sex Scandal at Burns Middle School” for more information.


The Shelby High School incident(s) involved actual touching between the teacher and high school students where Caron Blanton’s nine felony charges only involved nude pictures and raunchy sexual videos sent to male middle school students cell phones. Which is worse I do not know. But, to have two separate sexually related charges involving female teachers and male students coming before the School Board on the same night and another unpublicized incident about two weeks later indicates there are major problems in our schools. And two of these three incidents we discovered ourselves amongst the School Board silence. The fact that the School Board (except for Danny Blanton) defiantly refused to discuss or even admit that there are problems at CCS indicate their unfitness for duty. What about all the problems that we have not discovered yet??? It has been reported to me that children at Springmore Elementary School have been threatened with suspension if they even talk about their teacher. I don’t know whether or not that threat of suspension also includes telling their parents anything about what happens at school. That is another major area of concern for our schools and our children. I asked each Board member as well as the Superintendent if these threats to the Springmore children were true and have received no response whatsoever.

Folks and Parents, I am getting bogged down in exposing all these sex scandals and cover-ups at Cleveland County Schools all by myself. I need your help. Your children need your help!!! Hopefully together we can begin to clean up the mess at Cleveland County Schools in the short run. In the long run, folks, look in the mirror and decide whether or not you can do a better job than the current School Board. Five Board Members, a majority, are up for election next year. Run for the office of CCS Board of Education. Five good people, along with Danny Blanton can put a complete and immediate stop to the foolishness at Cleveland County Schools at the swearing in meeting in December, 2015.

In the meantime, Parents, talk to your children and please call the following if your child has been sexually molested at school or anywhere else by a teacher or by anybody else:

Sheriff Alan Norman                                                     704-484-4888

Shelby Police Chief Jeff Ledford                                   704-484-6845

Kings Mountain Police Chief Melvin Proctor     704-734-0444

DSS-Director Karen Ellis                                             704-487-0661 Extension 755

Cleveland County Schools:

Superintendent-Dr. Bruce Boyles          (704) 476-8000

Board Member-Kathy Falls                  (704) 476-8000

Board Member-Shearra Miller  (704) 476-8000

Board Member-Dr. Jack Hamrick        (704) 476-8000

Board Member-Roger Harris                (704) 476-8000

Board Member-Donnie Thurnam, Jr.    (704) 476-8000

Board Member-Danny Blanton(704) 476-8000

Board Member-Jerry Hoyle                  (704) 476-8000

Board Member-Phillip Glover   (704) 476-8000

Board Member-Richard Hooker           (704) 476-8000

Note: This is the CCS Administration Number as listed on the CCS website. Ask to speak to Dr. Boyles and each School Board Member or get a direct number for each person.

County Commissioner Jason Falls                     704-692-7998

County Commissioner Eddie Holbrook704-482-7888

Before you call anyone, get several sheets of paper and a pen. Write the date and time and person you are calling on a sheet of paper. Then call. If someone else answers, ask for their name and direct number. Ask them to transfer you to the person you are calling. Ask for the Board members home number and be sure to write it down. Make your calls and make your statements to these people.

The School Board and the School Superintendent do not give out their telephone numbers on their website, so expect some hassle. Be sure to ask for their home or cell number.

Ask these folks what they are going to do about this mess at Cleveland County Schools and when. Demand that you want the sexual acts and cover-up to stop immediately.

When you are through with this, shoot me an email at so we can make sure this is followed up on.


(Editors Note: This article was revised from the original article to include new information.)

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