Sex Scandal At Burns Middle School By Robert A. Williams

Lawndale: The story came to me Thursday April 10, 2014. A young female teacher (I have her name and address.) at Burns Middle School had taken nude pictures and videos of herself and sent photos and videos to a 9th grade boy (and perhaps others) at her school. The pictures and videos were sent on some kind of electronic device-a telephone or something. Perhaps provided to the teachers and students by the Cleveland County School system.

Anyway, according to sources, the boy was showing the pictures to his friends at school on Wednesday and somehow attracted the attention of somebody, another teacher, staff or maybe the School Resource Officer who took the device with the pictures from the boy.

The story I was told was the naked teacher in the pictures was identified and arrested for 14 felony charges and 4 misdemeanor charges and was taken immediately to jail. I reckoned from such previous charges reported in the Shelby Star that a bail bond of about $250,000 would go for a woman and $500,000 for a man with such charges.

On Friday afternoon around 4:30 PM I personally went to the Sheriff’s Department/jail to look for the arrest record. The Star had not printed anything yet and based on the Star recently receiving almost $200,000 in business from the Cleveland County Schools, I was curious about how the Star and CCS might delay and potentially cover-up this story. The first thing I noted when I arrived at the Courthouse/Jail was a Channel 3 TV news truck already parked there. The Channel 3 TV people were leaving as I was going through the metal detectors.

So I go down to the Sheriff’s Department and ask for the arrest record of the teacher. (I gave the lady at the desk the teacher’s real name.) The Sheriff’s Department lady turned to two other ladies and they had some serious discussions but I could not hear them because of the thick bulletproof glass. The lady came back and said that there was no record of the teacher being arrested or in jail. She said I could call on Line 2 (a line directly to the jail) and confirm, which I did. An Officer Estes answered and confirmed the teacher was not in jail. I then asked the lady to speak to the Sheriff, Alan Norman. The lady said the Sheriff was “on the road.” When I left the Courthouse parking lot the Channel 3 TV truck was gone.

When I get home, my source calls and says the Channel 3 TV News had gone to Burns Middle School and were “run off.” Then the Channel 3 TV News truck goes to Burns High School and were again “run off.” The Channel 3 TV News truck then parked across the road and stayed for a while. Perhaps they were taking some pictures. They had come all the way from Charlotte for a story and were not going to leave Cleveland County empty handed.

Another part of the report was “they” had decided not to arrest the teacher until Tuesday. Hmmmmm!! , I was thinking the teacher could drive all the way to Mexico by next Tuesday and get away from everything. Maybe so, but the real reason for next Tuesday seemed obvious to me–to get past the School Board meeting on Monday. And the School Board wouldn’t have to claim to know anything about the sex scandal until later. The same old story as with the Credit Card Scandal for the Cleveland County School system.

Then I get a report that the Star had published on the Star Online a story at 5:11 PM Friday that a “former” teacher at Burns Middle School was being investigated for criminal charges. A “former” teacher??? Former by about 10 minutes. Another Hmmmmm!!! The Star’s office is right across the street from the Courthouse parking lot and the Star must have seen the Channel 3 TV News truck pull up. They must have also figured the cat was out of the bag. Perhaps they also saw me too and knew they had to do something for all the big money CCS gave them. Don’t know for sure about that but one thing is a fact, the Star was typing up their story while me and Channel 3 TV were across the street at the Jailhouse.

Somehow the Star was able to get to Sheriff Alan Norman and a School Spokesman as well. Both of whom would not say anything except that an “investigation” was going on. An investigation about what? The Star didn’t or wouldn’t say. Neither would Sheriff Alan Norman and the school spokesperson. Not so with Channel 3 TV News. On Friday night they reported the teacher was suspended and resigned Thursday and that photos and videos were the subject of a criminal investigation.

From our investigation on Friday night we checked the teachers personal FaceBook page and found some interesting things. The teacher had posted picture of herself, a young girl and another lady in front of Burns Middle School as well as several pictures of herself in a bikini. By Saturday morning, those bikini pictures had been deleted from the teacher’s FaceBook page. By Saturday afternoon, all personal pictures had been deleted from the teacher’s FaceBook page. The teacher is most likely deleting stuff off her computer too. So much for an investigation by the Sheriff’s Department. This teacher will be clean as a whistle by Tuesday. No need to go to Mexico.

Another item of note on the teacher’s FaceBook page was the teacher’s “Friends List” which included Cleveland County Schools Board of Elections Board Member–Phillip Glover. We found nothing to indicate anything amiss between Phillip Glover and the teacher, but we would expect the Sheriff’s Department and Phillip Glover to be in contact with each other very soon so as to close out any perception of hanky-panky. Both Sheriff Alan Norman and CCS Board Member Phillip Glover should know by now that we are thorough in our investigations of government officials and public records and we print what we find. We will surely be checking this out. Especially since the Sheriff’ had time to talk to the Star, but not to Channel 3 TV or us on Friday afternoon.

Sheriff Alan Norman has been applauded for bringing order and respectability back to Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department and is expected to be re-elected to Sheriff this November. We surely hope and expect that Sheriff Alan Norman will not tarnish HIS reputation by getting mired down in the messes and scandals coming out of Cleveland County Schools and their incestuous relationship with the Shelby Star. Or any other incestuous relationships whatever.

Sheriff Norman, if pictures, videos and other evidence of pornography shows up on middle school students electronic devices sent by a teacher or any other adult; Cleveland County citizens and voters expect and demand criminal charges, an arrest and soon. There is already a perception of cover-up here and Cleveland County is tired of cover- ups.

Stay tuned. There will many stories regarding this, and will be updated often.

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