Reminder!! Danny Blanton’s Free BBQ Event is Thursday Evening!!   Thursday, September 22 ,2022, 6:00 PM at Shelby City Park!!!   Also Remember the Independent School Board Candidate Forum next Tuesday, September 27, 2022, 7-9 PM at Stamey Event Center in Fallston!!   Report by Robert A 

Folks, don’t be lulled to sleep because of lhe Rogue Republicans lack of activity in the 2022 School Board Election. They know their Dirty Tricks in the 2022 School Board Republican Primary Elections backfired badly and their only hope is to conspire with the Shelby Daily Liar in some dirty tricks right before Election Day, November 8, 2022. Dr. Danny Blanton and Dr. Ronnie Grigg don’t give a “whit” about the Rogue Republicans OR their dirty tricks. THEY, Blanton and Grigg want to talk to the good citizens of Cleveland County-person to person. Blanton and Grigg have nothing to hide and want to hear directly from the parents, citizens and taxpayers in Cleveland County about the things that need to be done to bring education in Cleveland County back to grade-level. And HIGHER!!!


Blanton’s BBQ event is this Thursday at the Shelby City Park. Free BBQ beginning at 6:00 PM. September 22, 2022. Grigg’s events will be soon thereafter.


Folks, Test scores are in and Cleveland County Education is failing by large measures. We are in an emergency situation and only Danny Blanton and Ronnie Grigg seem to understand that and want to do something, lots of somethings, to turn things around at CCS.


Although Blanton’s BBQ event will feed 250 and is free, I am sure campaign donations will be appreciated. Please be generous in your donations to Danny Blanton and Ronnie Grigg for the CCS school board elections.



Also, Folks, please come on out to the Stamey Event Center in Fallston, Tuesday, September 27, 2022 at 7:00 PM (Doors open at 6:30 PM) for the very first independent School Board Candidates Forum in the known history of Cleveland County. It may be likely that the Rogue Republican supported candidates may boycott, as well as Democrat Candidates. That would be their own personal problems. All Y’all need to show up to hear from Dr. Danny Blanton and Dr. Ronnie Grigg. Those two, Danny Blanton and Ronnie Grigg are the only two candidates that Robert A recommends voting for anyway. Come on out and see for yourself why Robert A is correct in his recommendations.


Also, come early to check out the newly renovated historic Stamey Event Center. All good citizens of Cleveland County should appreciate this experience. Especially when it is free to the public. Perhaps the Shelby Shag Club, that meets in Kings Mountain of all places, might also want to check out the Stamey Event Center. I heard some nice music coming out of that place just recently. And, I just know that that old oak floor would enjoy being danced upon. Maybe Fallston should organize a Shag Club of their own. That’s what Robert A would recommend.

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