Part I: People are talking—Now It is TIME for Action!!! YOU and I have not been doing enough to bring about the Changes Governmental Officials promise to accomplish, but NEVER DO!!! First meeting held last Saturday at the Creekside-Clock Restaurant!!! Many more meetings. Planning and on the ground, actions have to come soon to bring about change!!! Report, analysis and recommendations by Robert A. Williams

The backlash from the Rogue Republicans (Dennis Bailey, Wes Westmoreland, Robert “Luke” Queen, Kevin Whisnant, David Allen, Ron Humphries, et. al) has started. The secret meetings the Rogues conducted for the purpose of recruiting Republican School Board Candidates to defeat Danny Blanton in the 2022 Republican Primary Election have started. This time the meetings are public and plans of action are being discussed. The scope of the necessary changes is broad. The School Board of course. The Commissioners. The Cleveland Community College. Failed education in general and in particular. School Construction. Jail and Courthouse Construction. Economic Development and the lack thereof. And wasted taxpayer money and those that waste it-wherever that may be.

The meeting Saturday, November 20, 2021, at the “Clock” was just a start. Samantha Davis and Dena Spangler did the planning and hosting. Cleveland County Patriots helped with the administration. About 50 people showed up. Speaker of the House Tim Moore was supposed to be the leadoff speaker, but Rep. Kelly Hastings explained that Tim had to be in Raleigh that Saturday morning to get the first State Budget in six years finally on the books. Senator Ted Alexander was also missing. Maybe for the same reason. Maybe not for the same reason as Ted was used as the enabling instrument of the Rogue Republicans in getting Luke Queen reinstated at CCC after the Commissioners dumped him.

Of particular interest, Samantha Davis started the discussion with a notice that there were serious problems with Cleveland County governmental leadership that needed fixing.

Dena Spangler and Ronnie Grigg were two of the four potential school board candidates that were originally recruited by the Rogue Republicans for the School Board for the purpose of defeating Danny Blanton in the 2022 Primary Election. Once Dena and Ronnie learned of the secret purpose for which the Rogues were up to-defeating Danny Blanton in the 2022 School Board Primary Elections, they renounced the Rogues on the spot. Ronnie Grigg has commenced a petition drive for the office of a School Board member. Dena and other Republicans, as well as Danny Blanton and any Democrat candidates, have to wait until noon December 6, 2021, through noon December 17, 2021, to actually file for the four open School Board offices. The filing fee is $20.

The Elected speakers:

State Representative Kelly Hastings informed us that, since Governor Roy Cooper is not “Veto-Proof,” Cooper can veto legislation that the majority of people in North Carolina want to be passed (and does pass by wide majorities in the General Assembly) and it takes a Super-Majority (three fifths 60% in BOTH the Senate and the House) to override Cooper’s veto. Therefore Gov. Cooper has held North Carolina Hostage to the liberal agenda that so many of us do not agree with. (Remember 80% of Cleveland County voters voted against GAY marriage a few years ago.) Also, liberal Democrat Judges in North Carolina make court rulings that often are against state law and even against the North Carolina Constitution. I personally attended a Court Hearing in Shelby where an NC Superior Court Judge (Bell) ORDERED Cleveland County Schools to allow a transgender student to be allowed to use bathrooms of a different gender, in violation of the North Carolina Constitution. Folks. This stuff comes to Cleveland County too. And on too often of occasions. (This is why we MUST NOT elect NC Supreme Court Judge Cheri Beasley to the US Senate in 2022. Beasley, a liberal Democrat Black Woman, is raising tons of money from out-of-state liberal contributors. Beasley has promised to support the Biden-Harris agenda; which includes abortion, gun control, federalizing law enforcement, supporting gay rights over people’s rights, taxing and spending, eliminating filibusters, etc. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Roy Cooper will surely support Beasley and any voter fraud that might be used to put her in office. Donald Trump has endorsed Representative Ted Budd for this office.

School Board Member Danny Blanton spoke to the group stating that he was indeed running for re-election and has already begun his campaign. Putting up signs and wearing a Re-elect Danny Blanton tee shirt and hat and such. Danny Blanton also stated that if he is elected Chairman of the School Board on December 14th, he will immediately stop all the secret “stuff” that Luke Queen is doing. That anybody that had something worthy of putting on the agenda would be put on the agenda for a full discussion by the entire school board. Blanton is AGAINST Critical Race Theory by any other name or form being taught in Cleveland County Schools. Same with PORNOGRAPHY in the school library or on school computers. Blanton also advocates qualified public participation on school board committees, knowing that the school board members and school administrators and staff are not experts in ALL areas of expertise necessary to operate and maintain schools, operate a fleet of school buses, maintain school facilities and equipment (such as heating and air conditioning), etc. Blanton is especially concerned about the Superintendent bringing a lawsuit against Sheriff Alan Norman for $3 million in the name of the School Board, without the full school board’s knowledge or permission. And, other important instances where the FULL school board is not notified and there is no vote to proceed.

Sheriff Alan Norman spoke to the group about how much drugs his Department has seized and kept off the street. Sheriff Norman stated that drugs are flowing into and through Cleveland County heading North and large amounts of drug money are heading South. At Danny Blanton’s urging, Sheriff Norman described in detail how they captured the $3 million hidden in barrels of frozen pork on I-85. It was a joint “bust” by the CCSD and the Feds. The money seized was immediately taken by the Feds to wherever they take such amounts of money and evidence. Sheriff Norman stated that they only expected a $Million or two in the bust, and when so much was found, it actually “scared me.” Sheriff Norman explained that the CCS lawsuit against him was a waste from start to finish. Sheriff Norman did NOT actually say that lawsuit was some sort of misguided attempt to punish him politically-a false narrative that he was taking money that belonged to school children for his own purpose for the benefit of someone that would try to take advantage of a false narrative for their own political gain. That was my analysis from the very start as I received a call from a source that strongly suggested I immediately go down to the Courthouse and look up a lawsuit against the Sheriff. Which I did. Hardly allowing the ink to dry on that failed and frivolous lawsuit. A lawsuit that CCS has yet to fully explain to anybody’s satisfaction. The whole lawsuit episode is a clear and cogent example of why CCS as well as other agencies need an independent and informed citizens group to provide additional oversight over all of the governmental organizations in Cleveland County. Just what may be coming out of future meetings just like this one at the Clock Restaurant last Saturday. Also, note that Sheriff Alan Norman stated that he is also up for reelection in 2022. AND he plans to sign up for reelection, with an entourage, as a Republican during the sign-up period previously stated.

The Cleveland County District Attorney, Mike Miller’s loud voice was heard throughout Cleveland County. Although Miller was noticeably absent from this meeting, the crowd of criminals offered plea-bargains and let out of jail is so great and the high number of repeat offenders, while out of jail on probation, speaks for itself. For instance, every time I visit the Courthouse, I check out the court dockets posted outside the Courtroom doors. On a number of occasions, I have noticed that about 80% of the charges were for probation violations. And a large number of the charges were probation violations on top of probation violations. If the Commissioners had been smart, they, instead of Cleveland Community College, would have purchased the Old Shelby Prison for $1.00. Then housed the mostly non-violent criminals (larceny and Breaking and entering, etc.) there for their full sentence instead of letting them out so often on probation-like a revolving door for repeat offenders at the jailhouse entrance. This could have saved Cleveland County $89,999,999 on the secret Law Enforcement Campus that is planned to be built. The project Tim Moore secured $50,000,000 in State funds to build. Still leaving $40+ million for Cleveland County taxpayers to pick up. Note, just a little thought indicates that the $50 million in state funds that Tim arranged for are also tax dollars. The thought about turning the decommissioned Shelby Prison Camp into an overflow jail still makes $89.999,000 worth of sense to me. That’s a lot of cents. Pardon the pun. But this is the kind of thinking that a citizen’s oversight committee would come up with. This new Jail and Courthouse construction project funding would have probably been enough to build three new high schools. The County has chosen a future of jail time for our children over a proper education. How dumb is that???!!!

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