Part 6: David Dear:  Neck-Deep in Gambling, Alcohol & Drugs!!   Former County Manager Profits large on the Vices of others!!   HIS Main Vice-GREED!! Greed and PRIDE???   Report by Robert A  


Folks, Previous articles in this series reported that FORMER Cleveland County Manager David Dear, by hook or by crook, has come into possession of some ownership position with the Kings Mountain Equipment Supply Company that will pay Dear over $1.1 Million per year when the Catawba Casino is up to full operation. And so much $$$ along the way. Mr. Dear was instrumental in bringing the Casino and the County Commissioners together in support of the Catawba Casino from the very start. Thus, in our judgment, making it a criminal offense to himself profit from the arrangement that brought the Catawba Casino to Kings Mountain and Cleveland County, NC. It is called a criminal conflict of interest. A crime that Cleveland County District Attorney Mike Miller refuses to investigate or prosecute. Perhaps the Federal Bureau of Investigation will do a better job than the CC District Attorney’s Office.  Note that the Kings Mountain Equipment Supply Company, which is partly owned by David Dear and Eddie Holbrook’s wife, allegedly gets 20% of the Casino Gambling Revenue. Revenue which is estimated to be around $308 Million per year at full operation. Obviously, Former County Manager David Dear’s $1.1 Million, for doing who knows what, puts Mr. Dear and his household neck-deep in the gambling operation and knee-deep in apparent corrupt payoffs that have already begun passing under the table from the Catawba Casino. We will talk about the others like Mr. Dear in other articles.


Mr. Dear’s, association with alcohol is more well known that his association with Gambling. Everybody knows that Mr. David Dear is part owner in a relatively new business in uptown Shelby called the Newgrass Brewery. The Newgrass Brewery not only sells alcoholic beverages, they manufacture the alcoholic beverages right there on the premises as well. And more!

Most of the Newgrass Brewery’s news articles in the Shelby Daily Liar and elsewhere always started out with the mention of Jordan Boinest and her fiancé Lewis McCallister as being the co-owners of the Newgrass Brewery, along with David Dear and Roger Holland as perhaps an after-thought. But the web of apparent corruption and manipulation regarding the Newgrass Brewery spins around David Dear and Roger Holland almost totally. Starting with the old Doran Textile Mill that became County Property after the Mill Closed down and quit paying property taxes.

At first, the Doran Mill Property, appraised by the Cleveland Cunty tax people, was valuated at well over $1,000,000. When the Dover Mill folks quit paying property tax on the building and the associated 80 acres of land; already served by Shelby Water and Sewer and electricity and close proximity to the new Highway 74 Bypass interchange at Polkville Road and a railway, the Cleveland County tax people under County Manager David Dear took over the ownership of the property. Then, later, transferred the property to Revo Communications free of charge to build a Data Center. But the prospects of Revo building a Data Center were soon squashed due to the railroad track vibrations.

So Revo turned to Plan B.

Revo would build an industrial park that included an alcohol distillery as well as an Off-Campus Business School Extension of Gardner-Webb University. A representative of GWU actually confirmed (in writing) the Off-Campus Business School Extension plans at the Doran Mill site to a CGG trusted source.

About that same time David Dear was transitioning back and forth from being the County Manager to an Economic Development Partnership “Guru” with an office at the LeGrand Center. Along with Kristin Fletcher as the front person, as Mr. Dear’s physical presence and accountability as an Economic Development Partnership person and the County Manager became more and more blurred. In short order, David Dear was just hiding behind the skirts (and scandal) of Mrs. Kristin Fletcher as she transitioned into Mrs. Kristin Reese, representing Cleveland County, during the Clearwater Paper’s business negotiations. Clearwater Paper represented by Mr. Vince Reese with Cleveland County represented by Kirstin Fletcher, soon to become Mrs. Vince Reese. A clear conflict of interest. And everybody knew it and NOBODY did anything about it. Especially Mr. David Dear and Mr. Eddie Holbrook or any of the other Commissioners.

About this same time, The Chamber was identified as being a Partner in the Cleveland County Economic Development Partnership. Robert A, after being stymied on just who was who in this big drain on the County Budget, with no accountability, in the name of Economic Development, made a special unannounced trip to The Chamber’s main office with two simple questions. What was the Chambers association with the Cleveland County Economic Development Partnership? And, Who was the contact person at the Chamber who attended the meetings and had any input into the “doings” of the Cleveland County Economic Development Partnership?

Robert A got the runaround on both questions. Robert A got more than just a runaround. The Chamber flat refused to provide ANY information about anything. Not even who was the current Chairman or President of the Chamber. It became clear to Robert A that the Chamber was totally useless and just a front story for where the county’s multi-Million-dollar annual contribution to the Economic Development Partnership actually went to. Apparently, Mr. David Dear was secretly overseeing $Million$ of county taxpayer’s money for his own benefit as well as the financial benefit of others, Dear’s business partners and buddies-most often the same people. Certainly, County Commissioners like Eddie Holbrook and perhaps others (Right up to 2022) who went along were also apparently reaping monetary benefit as payment for keeping their mouths shut. Hey FBI, Where are you??? Ever heard of RICO???

Now, back to the Doran Mill property, now owned by Revo Communications, no Data Center development possibilities, GWU not yet putting up any hard cash funding and no other takers stupid enough to invest real money. The Mill Property is a mess and needs cleaning up. Roger Holland and a group of his buddies first gut the old Mill property for anything they can sell. Or take as their own. Sources report that Roger Holland was paid over $1,000,000 for the scrap metal and machinery that was located on the property, NOBODY touched the asbestos that was located throughout the Mill buildings.

The old wooden beams in the building were removed and milled down for use in YOU guess where? Remodeling the old Hudson’s Department Store in Downtown Shelby in what was to become Mr. David Dewar and Mr. Roger Holland’s alcohol adventure uh, I mean business venture. The NEWGRASS Brewery. Floors and walls alike coming mainly from the old Doran Mill.

After anything and everything of value was stripped from the old mill property and sold by Holland and his other buddies, the County again took over ownership. And then the Commissioners spent over $1,000,000 to clear the property and remediate the asbestos.

Folks, Don’t tell anyone, but Robert A, if he runs for Commissioner in 2024 and wins, would consider this old mill property as a prime location for a new High School in his plan for rebuilding the aging schools in Cleveland County. More on that later. But hopefully the foolish Cleveland County Commissioners won’t be giving away that old Doran Mill property to David Dear, Roger Holland or any of their buddies anytime soon.

Anyway, the Newgrass Brewery is now up and running. And business records show that Mr. David Dear is the President of the Newgrass Brewery. This makes Mr. David Dear a much involved in alcohol sales and distribution as possible. Just think, just a very few years ago making and selling alcoholic beverages I Cleveland County was a criminal enterprise. “Bootlegging” was the slang term for it.

Now folks, hang on to your hats (or drawers) as some might say. YOU ain’t heard nothing yet about the resourceful Mr. David Dear.

Illegal (in NC) Drugs:

Last, but not least, the honorable Mr. David Dear is neck-deep in an enterprise involved with the large-scale manufacture and distribution of Marijuana. MJ as it is sometimes called. MJ Holdings as the business is aptly named.

Mr. David Dear is one of the Directors of MJ Holdings, a company based in Las Vegas with tentacles across the nation that grows, manufactures and distributes marijuana to various states that have made legal Marijuana possession and use. According to MJ Holdings literature, North Carolina is being lobbied to make marijuana legal here in good ole NC AND Cleveland County too. Mr. David Dear could be rightly called by many as a “gambler,” a “bootlegger” and now a “drug dealer.” All in the pursuit of that almighty dollar, made at the expense of the vices of others. Big DOLLARS with Las Vegas Connections. Las Vegas “Tentacles” might be a better term. Kind of like the Catawba Casino with its Las Vegas connections.

READ ON Folks, YOU ain’t heard nothing yet!!!

Calling anybody a “Drug Dealer” might seem like a harsh term. Something that might conjure up a defamation lawsuit. Something that normally would NOT be something a sane person would do. UNLESS it is TRUE. And, especially when the drug dealer is a person of trust in the community or in local government. The fact here is David C. Dear from Shelby is financially involved at high corporate levels with a company, MJ Holdings, whose business plan is to manufacture and distribute marijuana. David C. Dear is a company “Director” whose job, in part, is to increase the business of MJ Holdings, a company listed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. And increasing the business of MJ Holdings would logically be the “encouragement” of the various State legislatures who have not already legalized marijuana to go ahead and legalize marijuana. Like North Carolina.

Since David C. Dear, as a former County Manager for Cleveland County, NC, one has to conclude that Mr. Dear’s County Manager’s business associations with Speaker of the House Tim Moore, NC Representative Kelly Hastings and NC Senator Ted Alexander would be of high value to a company such as MJ Holdings. And it is suggestive by Mr. David Dear’s voluntarily and willingly using the influence of his public office to improve his own and his business associate’s financial positions outside what might be considered ethical. Therefore, every citizen in Cleveland County and North Carolina should demand their representatives, Commissioners too, to disallow any thought of legalizing drugs such as marijuana in North Carolina. And David Dear and his business associates should be excluded from doing further business with the government of Cleveland County and the agencies thereof. And, AGAIN, Where is the FBI??? Or the Cleveland County District Attorney??

Folks, Robert A has, at his disposal, many documents and records that back up every word in this article. But many readers have become used to being spoon-fed information and then possibly not believe it. Therefore, it is time for many of you to have to do some digging on your own. In Mr. Dear’s dealings with MJ Holdings, Robert A is providing the following document that shows Mr. David Dear’s $292,290 accumulated value of MK Holding’s insider trading stock. Then all you have to do is to Google search “David Dear” and “MJ Holdings.” You will find more than you might ever wish to know about Mr. David Dear’s business dealings. Monkey Business dealings. The following is a quote from MJ Holdings public records.

What is David C Dear’s Net Worth?

The current estimated net worth of MJ Holdings, Inc’s Director, David C Dear, is estimated to be about $282.29K. David C Dear owns about 1,720,965 units of MJ Holdings, Inc common stock. In the last year at MJ Holdings, Inc, David C Dear has sold an estimated value of $0 worth.

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