Part 2: Federal Investigation of KM Casino Explodes into National News!!! South Carolina influences Cleveland County and NC Crooked Politicians!!! Trail of Corruption over Kings Mountain Casino is long, deep and wide!!! With Robert A right in the middle of the investigation

Again, note that August 2, 2022, may well be the date that the name of Cleveland County will live in infamy for its wide-ranged and now well-documented diagnosis of terminal corruption in County Government, State Government, and even National Government. It was also the day that Robert A delivered the news to the Cleveland County Commissioners that Federal CRIMINAL Investigators were now in Cleveland County investigating criminal financial shenanigans at and around the Kings Mountain (Catawba) Casino. Robert A delivered that fateful news to the “frowning” Commissioners at the August 2, 2022 Commissioners Meeting during Citizens Participation, knowing that they already knew the news. But also making it impossible for the Commissioners to now say that they didn’t know anything about the news of the Federal Investigation of political kickbacks.

Now, before we get too deep into the Cleveland County minute details, let’s see what others are saying and who they are naming: There are some high-level people named in the news report below.

Note: The information below does NOT include any information from Robert A. These sources did their own research, investigation, and analysis. So be prepared to call those critical of Robert A an “Accessory,” Before and after the fact!!!, of big crimes.

Here is the link to the story from FitsNews.

Again, folks, this is going to be an ongoing story that did NOT begin yesterday. Robert A believes this Federal Investigation will very likely result in some Cleveland County Commissioners, or at least former commissioners and staff sent off to Federal Prison in handcuffs.

Stay tuned folks. This example of corruption surrounding the Kings Mountain Casino may very well be terminal for some. Robert A says corruption and stealing from the people have no place in government and all offenders should be punished severely. Sparing none. Except maybe for the few that have been living in fear for their jobs for so long that they will turn “State’s Evidence” right from the start.

Also note that this article will likely turn into many, many parts as more and more information comes out to the public. Robert A estimates at least 10 articles and updates will be necessary to prove to the people that they have been cheated, deceived, and taken advantage of by their elected so-called “leadership.”

Folks, You taxpayers in Cleveland County have been screwed, blued, and tattooed from the git-go!!! That is what YOU get for NOT paying attention!! Stay tuned! More lessons to be learned are coming soon! YOU Cleveland County Hillbilly’s will be paying for South Carolina folks to come and gamble. Screw and impregnate your women. And head back home across the State Line before the sun rises the next morning. Fools!!!

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