Part 2: Chicken-Shit School Board runs amuck!!! Additional Information Regarding Part 1! Gossip report, observations and comments by Robert A. Williams

My phone has been ringing off the hook today, Sunday, November 14, 2021. Callers were telling me that I left out something important in my original Part 1 article. The caller stated “You said to go to the CCS video and watch the Public Participation part of the Agenda for the November 8th, 2021 School board meeting. You should go back and watch the video yourself. It looks like you forgot something!!!” Being curious, I asked the caller to describe what I had missed.

The caller went on to describe Robert “Luke” Queen’s reaction when he, Luke, had to call Ronnie Grigg to speak. Note that Ronnie Grigg was one of the four candidates that the Rogue Republicans; Dennis Bailey, Robert “Luke” Queen, Ron Humphries, Kevin Whisnant, David Allen, and silent partner Rogue-Wes Westmoreland recruited to run for the CCS school board in the 2022 School Board Elections to unseat Danny Blanton. Mr. Grigg, instead of just refusing to go along with the Rogue Republicans scheme, allegedly notified the North Carolina State Republican Party of the Rogue Republicans’ ethics violations. The caller also stated that Kevin Whisnant was at the November 8th school board meeting videoing the meeting and feeding it directly to Dennis Bailey and perhaps others. I do recall seeing Kevin Whisnant at that meeting.

The caller instructed me to watch that part of the meeting when Ronnie Grigg was called to speak. Turn your volume up high and watch Luke Queen, as Grigg was coming to the podium, turn toward Ron Humphries and say “you might have to hold me down” as Luke also motions for the Shelby Policeman to come forward. I told the caller that I did remember the Policeman coming forward, but not all the way.

So, I pulled up the CCS Board meeting video, turned up the volume, and watched the Public Participation. What I saw and heard was Luke Queen call on Mr. Grigg, I saw Luke turn his head toward Ron Humphries, but I couldn’t hear what Luke said to Humphries. Note, the angle of the CCS video Camera was too far centered to catch the policeman coming part of the way down the left side.

So, I maxed out the computer volume and the speaker volume and started over again. Sure enough, Luke said to Humphries what the caller said he said. I still don’t have a clue about what grounds Luke had to call the Policeman toward the front of the room. Except to show that he had the power to call the Policeman if he wanted to. To make a scene and blame it on Mr. Grigg if he wanted to. And to have Kevin Whisnant there with a backup video, just in case it was needed. Especially to have a proper angle that would show the Policeman approaching Mr. Grigg right in front of Chairman Luke Queen!!! An obviously planned scheme. Just like Dennis Bailey and the other Rogue Republicans are known for. I suppose it is possible that they might still use that Kevin Whisnant video for that very thing. Remember the blackmail Dennis Bailey pulled on his opponent Neil Blanton in a Shelby City Council election in 2013 to “encourage” Neil Blanton to drop out of that election. Only to have Violet Arth beat Bailey handily in the 2017 election.

So folks, if you don’t believe me, go back and pull up the CCS Video once again. Turn your volume WAY up and replay Mr. Grigg in the Public Participation.

As for me missing that in the first place, I apologize profusely. My limp excuse is I sit upfront. That is me in the video taking notes. You can see that I am not asleep with all that was going on. However, at that location, even though I am close to the speaker and the School Board, what I hear is not amplified or amplifiable like on the video. That is the peril of sitting there upfront so I can better see the School Board and their reactions. And, perhaps my hearing is not as good as when I was a younger person.

But, thanks to the caller, this is another good indication of just how scheming and untrustworthy Luke Queen is. And how he has no business being entrusted with the education of our children. On the School Board as well as the Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees. He has definitely got to go as soon as possible from both positions.

On top of that. Luke Queen is a documented liar and document falsifier. I have attached two official documents that Luke Queen has disavowed himself of. Although he generated both of them. One document is an Email between Luke Queen to County Manager Brian Epley where Luke acknowledges to Epley that he does not have enough votes from the County Commissioners to be re-appointed to the CCC Bots. And the other Document is Luke’s backdated letter to the Commissioners informing them that he is too covered up by the duties of serving on BOTH Boards and desires NOT TO BE REAPPOINTED. Which caused Dennis Bailey, Wes Westmoreland, Dr. Lamont Littlejohn, and others to persuade Representatives Tim Moore and Kelley Hastings and Senator Ted Alexander to throw CCC BoT Member Betty Carrigan under the bus and appoint Luke Queen back on the CCC BoTs as a General Assembly Appointment.

Thinking about this a bit, perhaps Tim Moore, Kelley Hastings, and Ted Alexander should be added to the Rogue Republican list along with Dennis Bailey, Wes Westmoreland, Kevin Whisnant, Robert “Luke” Queen, Ron Humphries and David Allen. All the Commissioners and Brian Epley are suspect too since they are keeping secret why they chose to remove Luke from the CCC BoTs, to begin with. The public needs to know about these things and are determined to root out corruption now, wherever they find it. And, this Luke Queen fiasco proves that all these officials need some sort of attitude adjustment. Perhaps including resignations from all of them.

Chew on those thoughts during the 2022 elections.

Also, be prepared for more about the Nov 8th, 2021 School Board meeting.

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