Why are we allowing such?

This is America. The greatest country in the world.

At least that’s the way most of us have always seen it. What happened? Schools are not allowed to have prayer before a sports event, yet, a Muslim can detonate him/her self and cry out publicly, God is Great, and it’s okay. There’s something terribly wrong with this picture.


Times have changed. Now, even the most local of elections cross county lines. These are the times of the internet-the electronic transfer of information. Actual paper newspapers are a thing of the past. Newspapers, like the Shelby Star, are going…

Politics of Roads by Robert A. Williams

The importance of Roads has been known for over 2,000 years. The Roman Empire was a major road builder, then railroads, the German Autobahn, the American Interstate system. Roads are necessary to move goods and services. The better the roads…

Lonely at the top?

Rick Shaffer, District Attorney for District 27-B: “I’m a Democrat, but some people may say I ain’t much of one”… just watch it for yourself and see.