Missing Person in Fallston!!!   “Light Skinned,” African American woman with Dementia!!   If sighted, please call the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department!!!   Report and information by Robert A 

Robert A was logging his 894th mile of his 1,000-mile goal for miles walked in 2022 early this Wednesday, September 21, 2022, morning when a Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office Deputy pulled alongside him near the Fallston Baptist Church. The Deputy asked Robert A if he had seen a “light-skinned” African American woman during my walking around Fallston that morning. That the woman had Dementia.


Robert A related to the Deputy, that from the Stoplight in Fallston. he had walked down Wilson Road and back. Down to Pony Barn Road and back. And to Rose Hill Cemetery and was on the way back. The Deputy said the woman had come from Pony Barn Road. From his own knowledge, Robert A realized there were at least one Rest Home on Pony Barn Road/ that could have been the woman’s starting point. All this was happening around 9 AM. Since Robert A had stated he had seen others out walking that morning, but none fitting that description, the Officer went on with his search.


Now that Robert A learned the woman with dementia had come from Pony Barn Road, he mentally calculated that he had come to intersection of Pony Barn Road and Highway 182 at just about 7:15 AM that morning. Just about time the sun was coming up. And at the end of the sidewalk there, he reversed course and got back to the entrance to Fallston Elementary School just about the time of maximum school traffic. Lots of people saw Robert A at this point in his journey and perhaps somebody had also seen this woman. Especially since the traffic would have mostly been coming from Highway 182 East of Fallston, way past the point that Robert A had reversed course and headed back toward “Downtown” Fallston and the big traffic area at Fallston School.


For his part, Robert A, remembering the Asha Degree missing person and the wild speculation about who MIGHT have done it, An how some people like Commissioner Kevin “Mad Max” Gordon, Robert “Luke” Queen and other Rogue Republicans would make up stories about Robert A, even knowing they were lies, Robert A began establishing his whereabouts at the times of the missing person events. When Asha Degree went missing, Robert A was about 1,000 miles away in Buchanan, Michigan doing consulting engineering work at the D.C. Cook Nuclear Power Plant. This morning on his walk to and from the Pony Barn Road area in Fallston, Robert A was seen by many people that he knew. A man walking his two dogs. Several persons at the head of Beam Street in stopped cars with their kids waiting for the School Bus. The big crowd of traffic that Robert A was trying to avoid as he was crossing the street at the intersection of East Stagecoach Trail and School Road.


It is a shame that people have to be wary of government officials in Cleveland County. That Robert A has to make mental notes about where and when he is when he is out and about. Especially now that Robert A has disclosed that some are encouraging him to run for office in 2024 and people like County Commissioner Chairman Kevin “Mad Max” Gordon is said to be “going bonkers” looking for ways to discredit Robert A, whether true or not, no-matter. And every County employee under “Mad Max” Gordon just knowing that anybody and everybody, without exception, that questions “Mad Max” and his Rogue Republican pals is subject to retaliation and dirty tricks. And, about the only person brave enough to not give a damn about Mad Max and his Rogue pals is Robert A.


Back to the missing person in Fallston. About 1:00 PM Robert A noticed a helicopter flying low over Fallston in the Pony Barn Road areas. The single helicopter was flying low and apparently following a “grid.” Back and forth and moving a little to the side each time.


This indicated to Robert A that the missing woman has not yet been found and Sheriff Alan Norman is taking every measure to find her. Good for you Sheriff Alan Norman. It is obvious that YOU are not taking any chances with losing this person like Asha Degree was lost over 20 years ago during the regime of Sheriff Dan Crawford. Perhaps the FBI presence now in Cleveland County has helped make arrangements for the helicopter search that is going on as we speak.


Also, Sheriff Alan Norman, thank you for making, for the most part, the Town of Fallston a safe place to walk. Early Morning and late at night when it is cooler. And, any other time. Except for that one time at night when it appears a car intentionally ran onto the sidewalk with the intention of harming Robert A, has and still does feel safe and secure venturing out on the streets of Fallston. The are many other places, like Logan Street in Shelby where, that is not the case.


Everybody in Fallston!! Or passing through, If you see a light-skinned elderly African American Woman who seems lost and disoriented, please call the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department. Or 911.

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