Is Teacher-Student Homosexual Relationship a Crime??? Sheriff Investigating–CCS Cooperating!!! District Attorney Employee’s child allegedly involved!!

Something very fishy is going on down at the Courthouse. At Crest High School too.

The Shelby Star reported today that the Sheriff’s Office is presently investigating a “possible” teacher-student relationship and whether or not it is a crime. The parts that are very fishy is the fact that the Sheriff’s Office released anything about an ongoing investigation. And the Star actually printed it.

My sources report that the student attends Crest High School and is the female child of a District Attorney employee with very close association to DA Mike Miller. And that the alleged relationship is a lesbian relationship. My sources also report that the news and details of the allegation and the Sheriff’s investigation is sweeping the county as we speak.

It is hard to imagine that any sexual relationship between a teacher and a student is not a crime. Homosexual/Lesbian or not. The whole idea is that the teacher has this power figure influence over a student which must not be abused in a sexual way. A homosexual or lesbian relationship can be just as damaging, maybe more, to a child that an illegal heterosexual relationship.

I suspect that the Sheriff’s Office, the DA’s Office and the CCS are burning the midnight oil trying to keep this incident under wraps, which has already failed. I would think the 13th or 14th Amendment, the one that requires equal treatment under the law. is a big lump for all concerned to swallow. If this homosexual relationship did, in fact, happen, the teacher should be charged and prosecuted to the fullest. Otherwise lots of men teachers convicted of having sex with a female student may have to be turned loose.

The contents of the Star article, for what it is worth, are as follows:

Investigation into possible teacher/student relationship

By Diane Turbyfill
Shelby Star staff
Posted at 1:43 PM Updated at 1:43 PM 9-28-2018

The Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a report of an inappropriate and potentially criminal relationship between a Cleveland County high school teacher and a high school student.

The investigation began Monday.

The Cleveland County School System is aware of the investigation and is cooperating, according to a statement from the Sheriff’s Office.
“This remains an active investigation, so there will be no further information released by Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office at this time,” the statement said.

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Bill Balmer
3 years ago


Do you smell a cover up here and the name will not be released ? This is a real shame and the people of Cleveland County need to know for the safety of their children .

Bill Balmer
3 years ago

Also, I have been informed that the DA’s office has a worker who’s daughter teaches Math at Crest High School. She is, perhaps, in her mid 20’s. Out of respect for the family I wont print the name because it may not be related to this story in any fashion but its still interesting.

Bill Balmer
3 years ago

A source has told me that it is confirmed to be the person I spoke of. the dad works for the Sheriff’s office and the mom works for the DA’s office. This is of the offender not the victim. An arrest will be made this week is my understanding. This person has resigned from her position at Crest.

Rev. Dante’ Murphy
3 years ago

Southern Coalition for Equal Protection Under the Law (SCEPUL) has partnered with a renowned author to explore sex scandals within North Carolina. Cleveland County should be concerned about the rising number of incidents within the Cleveland County School System. When school systems lack diversity in race, geographical origin, and leadership, then sex scandals are likely to occur and be covered up simply because “good ole boys” look out for one another. Voting has consequences and I would pray that these scandals are not mirroring what has happened in the Catholic Church.