Former Commissioner Eddie Holbrook clarifies!! About ALWS to receive $1 Million From the County in 2022!! Report and follow-up by Robert A. Williams

Folks, remember the article I published during the Christmas-New Years Holidays titled “I am alive and well in Fallston—What to do different in 2022”? Remember that one of the things I was going to do was check into the “gossip” I heard that the Commissioners were going to give the American Legion World Series, Baseball, Inc. another $1 million along with the State giving ALWS $2.2 Million? Well, there is now more to report.

On December 30, 2021 Mr. Holbrook replied to my advance copy of the afore mentioned article with this single response:

Thompsonmartha Cleve. County attorney

I replied back to Mr. Holbrook, the Cleveland County Commissioners and Deputy County Attorney Martha Thompson with this simple message:

I take this reply from Mr. Holbrook to mean that Cleveland County Deputy Attorney Martha Thompson represents Mr. Eddie Holbrook and the American Legion World Series Baseball, Inc.

Please reply if otherwise.

Robert A. Williams

Since there was no reply to date, I have to conclude that Deputy County Attorney Martha Thompson does indeed represent Mr. Holbrook and the ALWS as well as Cleveland County. Which would be a clear conflict of interest.

Then, on December 31, 2021, Mr. Holbrook sent me another reply as follows:

Robert. Hope you are enjoying and having good Holidays. As they say it’s a wonderful time of the year. I just wanted to clarify a statement made. Concerning the County and ALWS. I know you prefer accuracy as much as possible so this is just to notify that there has been no discussion at all concerning the county contributing 1 mil to ALWS. Just wanted to clarify that for you and I hope you have a great. 22


Well, I hope Mr. Holbrook also has a great 2022.

And, I have published Mr. Holbrook’s clarification and I hope the “gossip” of a recent $1 Million donation from the county to the ALWS has not hampered Mr. Holbrook and the ALWS in any way.

However, facts are facts. Over the past years Cleveland County “Commissioners have indeed provided ALWS many-many $Millions in Contributions. Including a $1,000,000 check to ALWS in 2013.

Also, consider if the County gave the ALWS another contribution of $999,999.99 or $1,000,000.01 or anything different than EXACTLY $1 Million, Mr. Holbrook’s statement would still be factually correct.

So, in the American spirit of “Trust, but verify” I am asking the Cleveland County Commissioners, Under the Freedom of Information Act, as well as North Carolina Public Records laws to provide the following information:

1.How much has Cleveland County paid Deputy County Attorney Marth Thompson to represent Mr. Eddie Holbrook and/or the American Legion World Series, Baseball, Inc over the past two five years.

2.How much has Cleveland County paid, directly or indirectly, to the American Legion World Series, Baseball, Inc. over the past FIVE years? Please itemize each payment made as to the check number, the amount paid and for what purpose.

3.Please provide any documents, records, contracts or agreements between the ALWS and Cleveland County regarding Cleveland County making payments to or for the ALWS over the past 12 years.

4.Please provide all ALWS, Baseball, Inc. applications, financial statements, financial justifications or any other ALWS documentation provided to Cleveland County to provide, or justify the County to provide any payments at all to the ALWS Baseball, Inc., as well as internal County documentation on whether or not such payments were justified, over the past 12 years.

Hopefully a rapid response from the County in providing this information will finally put this controversy over the ALWS to rest. Otherwise, a slow or NO response in a reasonable time (before the 2022 Elections) will elevate this issue to the highest levels.

Stay tuned folks, this is on the list of “Things to DO in 2022.”

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