Federal Agents Investigating All Over Cleveland County!! From Expanded Search for Asha Degree to Corruption at KM Casino!! And, maybe MORE!!! Report by Robert A

Sources report Federal Agents (FBI and perhaps others) are swarming all over Cleveland County as we speak. Hey, It’s about time.

FBI agents dressed in casual attire, driving full-sized white pickup trucks, in male-female teams are knocking on doors in Upper Cleveland County looking for leads in the years-old Asha Degree disappearance. They are reported to have expanded their investigations to persons never yet interviewed by Law Enforcement in the expanded search for clues. This Asha Degree push to solve a decades old mystery has been reported to also be a coordinated effort by the FBI, the SBI as well as the Sheriff’s Office. Robert A recommends that anyone with the slightest notion of what may have happened to Asha Degree, call the Cleveland County Sherriff’s Office to set up an investigative interview schedule. ASAP or even sooner.

Federal Agents are also investigating possible criminal corruption swirling around the Kings Mountain Casino. AKA the Catawba Casino. AKA the Cleveland County Casino. Robert A recommends that anyone with knowledge of any Casino related criminal activity to relate that information to Robert A and let Robert A forward that information to the proper Federal investigators. That way you citizens can protect your identity from those that would retaliate against you. Robert A figures the FBI, SBI and the Sheriff’s Department would recommend the information come directly to them. But sources know that Robert A will protect his sources of information And, what the heck, the FBI, SBI and all Law Enforcement agencies have a 20+ year record of failure in locating Asha Degree. Maybe it is time to change their luck.

And, then there are those Federal Agents making their way around Cleveland County for some time now that Robert A is not exactly sure why they are here. Perhaps Robert A might have some information for them too. Robert A is always seeking to put an end to crime and corruption at every level in Cleveland County. Robert A also believes that ending crime and corruption in Cleveland County governmental agencies will only end when the offenders are dragged to prison in handcuffs. For all to see. Wouldn’t that be a sight to see??

Robert A recommends total cooperation with all these Federal investigators, as well as the SBI and the Sheriff’s Office investigators. Robert A believes all crooks should be caught and punished appropriately for the crimes that they might have done. This includes local government officials, staff and employees. The sooner the better. Robert A is tired of all the citizens in Cleveland County that have to live under the fear of retaliation of one sort or another. Robert A says lock up all the crooks and criminals for as long as the law allows. It cuts down on recidivism. And sets a fine example for all the corruption wannabes.

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