Eddie Holbrook’s Threatened Lawsuit:!!! A Comment that Speaks for Itself!!! Forwarded by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: This Comment speaks for itself. Eddie Holbrook is an elected official and is under extreme obligation and responsibility to truthfully explain his actions in office and his actions and associations related to his office to the citizens that elected him. And whose tax dollars he is spending.

The Comment:

Subject: Eddie Holbrook Lawsuit

From: Rev. Dante Murphy September 26, 2019 :32PM

To: Eddie Holbrook

cc: Jane.Shooter@clevelandcounty.com;PASTOR JAMAL EDWARDS;Ray Lockhart;Rev. Billy Houze;Rev. Charles Webber; Roger Harris; Ronald Harrill; carolyn.freeman@clevelandcounty.com; doug.bridges@clevelandcounty.com; pam.bright@clevelandcounty.com; ronnie.whetstine@clevelandcounty.com; susank.allen@clevelandcounty.com;

Dear Mr. Holbrook,

I am responding to a document made public by Robert Williams that states you have threatened a lawsuit against Mr. Williams for “multiple false and erroneous allegations.” In that I often comment on articles written by Mr. Williams, I want to be clear whether your threatened lawsuit is inclusive of those comments. Based on research and your handling of a lawsuit that I filed and ultimately settled under a false pretense by county government, I share in the belief that you:

1) illegally benefit from your capacity as Cleveland County Commissioner,

2) your usage of black leaders in the community to garner votes is disrespectful, abusive, and demonstrates a disregard to human dignity,

3) your overwhelming support of male sports and a lack of interest in promoting female sports demonstrates a total disregard and disrespect towards women, and

4) your lack of interest and support for free tuition to deserving students of Cleveland County and other youth oriented projects is a clear indication that you are disconnected to generations beyond your own.

I am also appalled that you would insist an apology from Mr. Williams when you have failed to respond to or offer an apology to me for statements deeming me as an “unsavory character” and ultimately resulting in my resignation from the Cleveland County Promise Program Board. It is even more appalling that you have deprived Cleveland County of a grand opportunity by a lack of your support.

Please indicate specifically where these statements might cross the line for public scrutiny of an elected public figure such as yourself. I would also recommend that you defend yourself regarding the serious allegations raised against you in the article written by Mr. Williams on or around September 4, 2018. Clarifications should also be made as to whether your attorney is representing you as a county commissioner or as an individual. In the email from your attorney, Mr. Bowers, it appears that he is representing you as a county commissioner since the email is copied to several other individuals-otherwise the email would be a breach between the attorney and client.

Your decision to obtain an attorney to defend against statements made about you in your capacity as a county commissioner is further evidence of the abuse and bullying that resulted in my decision to previously file a lawsuit against Cleveland County. It is of no wonder now as to why DSS Director, Karen Pritchard (formerly Karen Ellis) or any others managers were (not) reprimanded after sworn testimony of wrongdoing within the agency. It should also be noted that you continue to engage in questionable behavior by securing an attorney with connections to the anticipated casino establishment in Cleveland County.

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