DSS Kills ANOTHER Baby!!! “Never saw such people be so proud of being so stupid!!” Report by Robert A. Williams

How many babies have been killed because of DSS incompetence? How many babies have been killed because of the Cleveland County DSS’s incompetence?? Ask Cleveland County Commissioner Susan Allen, who also is the Chairman of the CCDSS. I believe Allen would have to say ZERO because she refuses to believe DSS does anything wrong. That has been my experience with Susan Allen and the CCDSS. I also believe the confidentiality that DSS cloaks itself in is in large part a cover-up of just how bad things really are at DSS.

So, who is in control of DSS? The taxpayers and voters surely don’t know or they would demand changes to straighten that crowd out.

Now, do you remember the episode just a few years back when an Animal Control officer in Union County, while looking for a loose pig, ran across a foster child handcuffed to a rail on the front porch of his foster home with a dead chicken tied around his neck? That story went around the world several times and if you don’t remember anything about it, please do not vote in this years elections as you are so uninformed that you are a danger to yourself and others. The foster mother was a DSS Supervisor to boot.

The Union County Commissioners were thoroughly embarrassed by that incident and supposedly made major changes at the Union County DSS top leadership such that such incompetence would forever NOT be repeated. Well it appears like “forever” at the Union county DSS did NOT last too long.

Now, also remember Hurricane Florence went through Union County just last week. Remember the news about the death of the one year old baby who was swept out of his mothers arms by the flood waters, only to be found dead downstream a little later? Remember all the news reports showing all the Union County officials who were so saddened by such a thing happening and asking for prayers for the family because of this great tragedy?

Well, the truth of the matter is slowly coming out. The official news reports and county official interviews have played down what really happened in this incident. What happened is this, according to family members and people in the know, the mother was driving what appeared to be a relatively late model Lincoln Towncar down a road in Union County during all the flooding. Police had erected a barricaded to stop traffic from continuing down that road because of heavy flooding ahead. The mother drove around that barricade and continued. When the mother reached the flooded roadway, she kept on driving as long as the car could go. The vehicle finally reached the point that raging floodwaters washed the relatively big car off the road into some trees.

Then, when the car was thoroughly incapable of going any further, and flooded, the mother rescued herself, barely, and then removed the baby from the car seat only to have the rushing waters separate her from the baby who was washed away. That is the mother’s story. Such a mother was either “stuck on stupid” or in some kind of state where reality had left her.

Now, all this stupid stuff from the mother indicated to me that this person who had directly caused the death of her baby deserved to be arrested and thrown in jail. And , maybe she was. But the story leaking out is that very same mother had three older children who had been taken away from her by DSS, leaving only the baby.

Leaving the baby? The most vulnerable and helpless of the four children??? How could the Union County DSS have been so stuck on stupid too? Especially after all the mess about the boy with the dead chicken tied around his neck.

However, in all the DSS horror stories that I have heard about, taking older children away from an unfit mother and leaving the youngest child is not out of the ordinary. It is a matter of money and the DSS bureaucracy wanting to spending that money. You see, if DSS took all of this unfit mother’s children, that unfit mother would no longer represent a DSS case. And with just a few such cases, a DSS worker’s job would no longer be necessary. Well, if you know anything about DSS, you know that DSS jobs never decrease. It is always more and more and children are actually protected less and less.

Although this case at hand did not happened in Cleveland County. This time. But there have been many similar cases where children have been killed right under the noses of the Cleveland County DSS.

There is also the case where a Federal lawsuit was recently filed against the Cleveland County DSS and DSS workers actually admitted under oath that they had purposely violated and had been directed to violate State and Federal laws and DSS policy. Yet Susan Allen, backed by Eddie Holbrook and the rest of the Commissioners never required that the scofflaws be disciplined in any way. And, in fact, Commissioner Holbrook chose to defame the DSS victim.

Union County has no monopoly on being stuck on stupid. Cleveland County has their share and apparently are proud of it. One observer of CCDSS and Commissioner stupidity stated “I have never seen people be so proud of being so stupid.” My reply was “you should add the voters that elected these nitwits to your statement.”

What about you??? What will you do to rid Cleveland County of such as this article has described? If you don’t know what to do, Stay Tuned for the answer.

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Rev. Dante' A. Murphy
3 years ago

If the information provided is accurate that this mother previously had three children removed from the mother’s care, then this child’s death resulted more from a broken system as opposed to DSS error. Unfortunately, an egregious history of child abuse or neglect does not, at least in North Carolina, justify automatic DSS involvement. For example, consider the case of a mother who looses custody of all her children due to drug addiction. Three years later that same mother could birth a child and leave the hospital without any DSS involvement due to no current safety concerns. History alone does not warrant DSS involvement according to North Carolina law and policy.

The above scenario is an example of missed opportunities by a GOP controlled legislation to strengthen childcare laws in North Carolina. I wish to make the following observations with the understanding that there are some distinction between state law and state policy when it comes to DSS. Those distinctions are not important for the purpose of the point I wish to make.

1. The GOP claims to be pro life, but DSS can not intervene in a mother’s life until the child is born. If Roe v. Wade is overturned at some point in history, the GOP should definitely change it ideologies towards the protection of unborn children. It seems hypocritical to force a mother to carry a child to term, but during such time she retains the liberty to abuse drugs or engage in some other life-threatening activities that directly impact the health of the child. Protection of unborn children is allowed in some states and should not be seen as farfetched.

2. It is a surprise to me that North Carolina House Speaker, Tim Moore, in his capacity as County Attorney for Cleveland County, is yet to persuade Cleveland County to merge its Health Department and DSS. I personally made this recommendation some years ago as a means to provide greater oversight of DSS operations. Many counties have already made this move. Representative Moor’s lack of persuasion is more of a surprise as opposed to criticism, in that, the law allowing merger originated from the republican party.

3. Audio files v. Paper files: The work of an average DSS worker is consumed in paperwork. In this digital age there is no reason why paperwork should take precedence over good quality social work. I would estimate that 90% of paperwork is never revisited once it is stored or filed. The downside of audio is that social workers would have to be more honest about the work they do. For example, documentation is often written according to the social worker’s perspective and any person reading that document is getting that sole perspective. Contrasty, reviewing a recorded interview yields a totally different perspective. It is my belief that this same practice should be implemented in official meetings among staff. Any person reading this recommendation should be aware that I know first hand the value of having a recording to combat false information. A positive note in regard to audio technology is that voice dictation has progressed at a fast pace and will definitely lighten the load of written documentation.

4. Transparency: I have a better understanding of why institutions like DSS and school systems have locked in confidentiality laws and policy. Foremost is that these institutions being transparent in the daily operations and decision making processes would result in more time defending against lawsuits as opposed to doing any work. Therefore, these are helpful tips when dealing both internally and externally with government agencies: 1) Record, record, record. In North Carolina a one person consent is required to record a conversation that you are involved with. If your child is ever sent to the office at school or has to be interrogated by an adult, then insist that those conversations be recorded for parental review. 2) Utilize the media. People should always submit information to media with the understanding that the information is ignored. Citizens should get in the habit of online commenting when you read an article that interest you. I am surprised at the lack of responses to these articles written by Robert Williams. Even if you disagree with Robert Williams, as I do on this “DSS Kills Another Baby” article, then articulate your case in the comment section. Lastly, the one thing that people do not want is their name appearing negatively in a news article. Many times this is the only reprimand they will get. 3) Seize every opportunity to be a game changer. Even small changes ultimately have great impacts. Make your voices heard. One of the fascinating and great things about Donald Trump is that he does things his way and maintains the integrity of being himself. Of all the crazy things said about Trump I’m yet to hear him described as hypocrite.

This current article regarding Union County DSS points raises awareness that legislative intervention is needed to some degree to assure that professionals are maintaining a high level of integrity in the work they do. A similar problem exists in school systems whereby known sexual predators are allowed to resign as opposed to being fired. This, by the way, is a legal tactic that releases the school system from liability. Again, unless laws are ever passed to put a stop to this practice, then school administrators will never be mandated to do otherwise.