Commissioners Guarantee Same Ole Same Ole for Cleveland Community College Board of Trustees and Various other Boards!! Eye Witness Report by Robert A. Williams

The Cleveland County Commissioner’s Meeting held June 19, 2018 showed changes the Commissioners Commissioner intend to make in the various Boards and Commissions involving Cleveland County Government and other associated agencies and groups. That change can be very accurately described with just one word-NONE!!!

Probably the most important Board Appointment to get Cleveland Community College back on track was the CCC Board of Trustees Appointment. A major source of turmoil and contention regarding CCC scandals; ranging from sexual misconduct allegations to complaints ranging from dumbing down classes, retalitorial firings, nepotism, top heavy salaries, misappropriation and misuse of funds, poor leadership, total failures in workforce development, scams, frauds, ad hominem attacks, and you name it. Scandals so outrageous that a Federal Lawsuit has been filed and another is in discussion. Maybe more. All kept secret because the Board of Trustees have been told that to answer the various complaints would be an admission of guilt on the part of the CCC BoTs. All piling up so the BoTs have hired themselves a full time lawyer to defend them for their part of the problems. So, what do the Commissioners do? They re-appointed CCC Chairman (Former Senator) Wes Westmoreland. All I can say to CCC folks that have been wronged is find yourself a lawyer and sue in Federal Court.

The Commissioners basically re-appointed everybody on their ling list of eleven Board and Commission appointments. Except for one. The Commissioners appointed School Board member Danny Blanton to the Region C Workforce Development Board.

Although Danny Blanton has always and correctly advocated more and better workforce development, what he calls “vocational education” at Cleveland County Schools for the past five years, Blanton has not been listened to and the CCS Board and Commissioners have refused to appoint him to any of the county boards and commissions involved with workforce development where he could have immediately done some good. And, at the end of the day, Blanton’s appoint to the Region C Board is meaningless as this Region C
crowd are all a bunch of political hacks who never seem to get anything done. Blanton’s appointment in itself is most likely a political payback to Democrat Commissioner Eddie Holbrook for Republican Blanton’s efforts to support Holbrook in the Democrat Primary. Such previous support for Holbrook some think destroyed the Republican team of candidates in the 2017 School Board race. Whether that is right or wrong, the Region C appointment for Blanton is likely not to have any effect on the “crisis” in Workforce Development that Cleveland County has presently found itself in after years and generations of malaise in education.

Editor’s Note: The definition of Malaise is:
1. A state in which there is something wrong with a society or group, for which there does not seem to be a quick or easy solution.
2. Malaise is a state in which people feel dissatisfied or unhappy but feel unable to change, usually because they do not know what is wrong.

(But you and I know what is wrong and what to do about it. Commissioners, School Board members and the CCC BoTs are the problem. Getting rid of them is the answer.)

If anything the Region C Board had a part in the “crises,” per Eddie Holbrook, we are presently in. A crisis that was a long time in coming and will be a long time getting out of. The proof of that is already available. Does anybody know anything about the Region C Workforce Development Board? If you do, you are probably only one in 95,000 Cleveland County residents. A workforce development article I wrote several months ago will probably be more helpful than anything that comes out of this Region C crowd. Same as with the Commissioners, CCS and CCC with the CCC Board of Trustees holding back their new President, Dr. Jason Hurst. Who is an expert in Workforce development.

Another appointment the Commissioners made was appointing Former Commissioner Jason Falls to the Shooting Range Advisory Board on top of his appointment as Director of the LeGrand Center. Falls record of achievements, qualifications and business failures indicate Falls cannot properly administer the proper running of a Hot Dog stand, much less anything more complicated. Another indication of the wisdom (or lack of) of the Cleveland County Commissioners under the leadership (or lack of) of Chairman Eddie Holbrook.

BTW, the Commissioners in their June 19, 2018 meeting approved Cleveland County’s involvement in around $27.5 Million more debt. $26 Million for Gardner Webb and about $1.3 Million for Clearwater Paper. They say Cleveland County will not be responsible for paying any of the $27.5 Million. My question is; if Cleveland County is not responsible for paying anything back, why did the Commissioners have to approve anything???

Asking simple questions with obvious answers like that make the commissioner and others mad at me. So, why don’t you citizens that stay home on Election Day call the commissioners and ask them about this article and the questions involved?

Stay tuned folks. Election Day is approaching and surprises are in store.

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