Commissioners and School Board to Meet TOGETHER Monday August 8, 2022!!! At Regular School Board Meeting Location and time. No Agenda is available!! No plans have been made public!! If you want to know what is going on with YOUR child’s Education, it is recommended YOU show up at this meeting!!! Do NOT expect this meeting to be cordial to parents!!! YOUR input will NOT be welcomed or even recorded!! Be sure to sign up to speak during Citizens Recognition or YOUR input will Never be heard! Or Recorded in official documents!! Report, conclusions and recommendations by Robert A

The August 2, 2022 Commissioners Meeting ended without being adjourned. Instead, it was announced that this Commissioners Meeting was being called into RECESS. That the Commissioners Meeting would be officially reconvened at the Cleveland County Schools School Board meeting location on August 8, 2022 for a “Joint Meeting” with the CCS School Board. There was exactly ZERO information provided by the Commissioners as to why this so-called joint meeting was to be held or as to what would be discussed. Or even who would be in charge, the Commissioners or the School Board, in running such a Joint meeting of two separately elected county officials. As for the CCS School Board, they too have provided ZERO information on why, or how this meeting will be conducted. And what is the purpose of this JOINT Meeting in the first place. Or will there be motions made to take certain actions and whose vote gets counted and whose vote does NOT get counted. Robert A says this so-called “Joint Meeting” reminds him of the movie Dumb and Dumber. Except the Movie actors in that Dumb and Dumber movie will appear to be Albert Einstein level geniuses when compared to the School Board as well as the Cleveland County Commissioners. All put together.

Since there are no signs of communication between the School Board and the Commissioners except of what is said separately between each Board amongst themselves, and certainly NO indications that either the School Board or the Commissioners have thought out anything, Robert A believes that statements made during School Board Meetings and Commissioners Meetings indicates the Commissioners want some sort of “Plan of Action” from the School Board regarding School Construction somewhere and sometime to justify the Commissioners Referendum on the 2022 Election Ballot to raise Cleveland County’s sales tax 1/4 of one cent for some sort of presently unplanned CCS School Construction. And, that tax, when collected, would be spent on the Commissioners pet projects. Like the ALWS Baseball, Inc.

However, although School Board Chairman Robert “Luke” Queen and Commissioner Chairman Kevin “Kevin-Boy” Gordon are like two peas in a pod and both corrupt as Hell probably have different ideas on how to waste taxpayer dollars. Luke wants extra cash to waste on his so-called “Partnership” with Rev. Dr. Lamont Littlejohn’s Mt.
Calvary Baptist Church. While Kevin Boy wants extra money to pay for the County to take over all the local Volunteer Fire Departments and Kenny-Boy to take over the Directorship of ALL Cleveland County Fire Stations at a vast improvement in salary than as a County Commissioner. Maybe 10+ times as much. Or more. BTW, Luke, being a Fireman himself, might want that Fire Department Directorship job himself. Hey, this so-called Joint Meeting may get ugly before it is over.

Maybe It is lucky that this so-called Joint-Meeting is held in conjunction with a School Board meeting. A Public Participation session must be held in accordance with State law. The Public will have the opportunity to speak up.

This is what Robert A recommends parents and citizens to do. Draft up an idea, concern or complaint regarding the Commissioners or the School Board. Sign up for public participation. Make 10 copies of your idea or complaint. When called to speak during the Public Participation, hand out copies of your draft idea to the school board and request that YOUR document be entered into the CCS School Board’s records. That way your input, whatever it is, gets included into School Board documents and can be accessed by Public Document Requests.

Beat this School Board and Commissioner crowd at their own silly games. YOU get to say your two cents worth and the School Board and Commissioners have to listen and have it on file such that it may require them to do something right for a change. This may also be the only way for citizens and parents to ever have a say in anything until the 2024 Elections. Then vote for Robert A, if he choses to run for the office of County Commissioner In 2024. Then something can finally be done about resolving problems at CCS as well as Cleveland County Government.

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