Commissioner “Eddie Holbrook was unable to overcome his Prejudices towards Blacks…” Report by Robert A. Williams

Today, September 19, 2018 a confidential document was declassified and provided for me to release the enclosed information to the Citizens of Cleveland County and to the World. The document and transmittal message speaks for itself and is provided below. I will provide some “eye witness” background as I attended the Cleveland County Commissioner’s Meeting when Mr. Willie Green rolled out his extraordinary Cleveland County Promise Program to the commissioners.

Also, I suspect this information was provided to me partly in response to an article in the Shelby Star where Commissioner Eddie Holbrook used his Commissioner’s position, again, to get free re-election advertisement in the Star as Holbrook passed out false information.

First, The Cleveland County Promise Program proposed by Mr. Willie Green, presently a Write-In Candidate for Commissioner.

The Cleveland County Promise Program proposal consisted of the idea that a public-private partnership be formed where worthy graduating seniors would receive financial assistance in going to college. This was NOT a program like the Democrat-Socialists are proposing as “free college.” The program would be open to students of all races that qualified academically, but whose parents may not have the resources to send them to college. In my opinion at the time, the program failed to gather support from Eddie Holbrook and the Commissioners for two reasons:

1. Prejudice because Black students with good grades would also qualify.

2. The Commissioner’s demand that all recipients attend only Cleveland Community College (during all the CCC scandals) was rejected by Mr. Green as the educational curricula was to be more diversified than CCC could provide. Note that just recently Gaston County Commissioners picked up on and adopted such a program for their graduating students. An opportunity Cleveland County students were denied because of racial prejudice by Chairman Eddie Holbrook toward Mr. Green and some of his Board Members

Now, as the Star article reported on September 14, 2018, Commissioner “Candidate” Eddie Holbrook goes to the Chamber function called State of the Community Breakfast” as the “Champion” for a periodic press event, Holbrook says he is all for education. Holbrook also bragged on the Cleveland County Early College having a 199% graduation rate as well as having an “A” grade from the state. What Eddie Holbrook refused to admit to, the truth, is that the Early College picked from the cream of the crop from Burns, Crest, Shelby and Kings Mountain High Schools. None of them with a 100% graduation rate and none of them earning an “A” rating from the state.

Eddie Holbrook’s tales are getting taller and taller. And who has his hand in the cookie jar? Commissioner Eddie Holbrook and his family and friends. But, don’t believe me. Check out the secret owners of the new Fairfield Motel. Scroll on back a few articles and you will find the truth to that.

Here is the message regarding Eddie Holbrook’s prejudice against blacks and other good info for citizens who want to be informed. If you don’t want to be informed, you can just click on “delete.” Nobody will know how ?$%&?? you are.


This is my resignation letter from the Promise Program from February 10, 2018. You may use it along with my recent comment or in any way that you see fit. I am convinced that Eddie Holbrook was unable to overcome his prejudices towards blacks at the expense of supporting a free tuition program.

———- Forwarded message ———
From: Dante Murphy
Date: Sat, Feb 10, 2018 at 1:19 PM
To: Willie Green

Dear Mr. Green,

I hereby submit my resignation from the Cleveland County Promise Program board of directors and wish to be clear on my purpose for making such decision. Therefore, I would hope that this resignation remain a confidential document.

Over the years you have brilliantly presented proposals to local government, namely, the Cleveland County Promise and a sports complex training facility. After years of you making these proposals they have yielded no commitment on the part of local government. I regret having to acknowledge that rumors and past statements by local officials indicate that a lawsuit I filed against Cleveland County has impacted past and current negotiations, between you and local government, due to our personal and professional connections.

Therefore, to protect any hopes of future partnerships between yourself and local government, it would be in the best interest that I separate myself from this board. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this inaugural board and I pray for its success in the future.

Rev. Dante’ A. Murphy

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Robert A Williams
3 years ago


I made a typo when I stat4ed the Cleveland County Early College High School had an 199% graduation rate. That should have read a 100% Graduation rate.

I recommend you note “again” that although the Early College picked the cream of the crop form Burns, Crest, Kings Mountain and Shelby High Schools to get their 100% graduation rate and an “A” rating from the state. None of the other county high schools have a 100% graduation rate or gort an “A” rating from the state.

The why have an Early College High School, emphasis on “WHY?” is the $64 question. Especially when you can get the same thing from the CCC Dual Enrollment Program.

Of course, if you remember, the Dual Enrollment Program was alleged to have “dumbed down” classes so more could pass. Has the
Early College High School done the same thing??? We may never know because CCC hired them a special lawyer to put a lid on the investigation to that and other allegations. I suspect Eddie Holbrook, in both his roles as Chairman of the Cleveland County Board of Commissioners as well as Senior Dean of Development and Governmental Relations had a hand in that cover-up and others as well.

Robert A. Williams