Cleveland County Republican Party “Cancels” Themselves!!!   Right before voting starts!! –So, what good are they???   Rogue Republican so-called Leadership provides NO Leadership!! Good for Nothing Scoundrels, all!!!   Report and conclusion by Robert A

The Cleveland County Republican Party, under the banner of District 5 NC GOP sent out this message about a day and a half ago:

Subject: CCGOP Meeting Canceled

Please note the Regular GOP meeting that was scheduled for the Creekside Clock in Shelby this Thursday, September 22, 2022, at 6:00 PM has been canceled.

Cleveland County Republican Party

Usually a viable part of a political party, right before election voting starts hold organizational meetings to plan on how to get their candidates elected. Yet, the Cleveland County Republican Party, also known as the CCGOP has cancelled this important meeting.

Maybe I should have capitalized and underlined and bolded the word VIABLE as used above. The CCGOP has shown themselves to be anything but viable in electing candidates and winning elections. And it is all caused by the CCGOP Leadership. Of lack thereof.

It is the Rogue Republicans that Robert A is talking about here. The Trump haters that have somehow been able to take over the leadership positions in the CCGOP. Mostly because nobody else wanted the job. All of which has had the combined effect of corrupt minded people somehow rising to the top of the CCGOP food chain.

 Robert A has named these Rogue Republican “Losers” many times in the past six months. And will do it again.

Rogue Republicans who are ruining the Cleveland County GOP are:

Dennis Bailey

David Allen

Kevin Whisnant

Pam Keller

Wes Westmoreland

Robert “Luke” Queen

Ron Humphries

Kevin “Mad Max” Gordon


Robert “Luke” Queen

Joel Shores

Rodney Fitch

And Others

These folks are aided and abetted by district and State Republican Party officials who have not reined in the CCGOP leadership when they were fully advised that the CCGOP was flagrantly violating the North Carolina Republican Party Plan of Organization and refuse to do anything about it. So, who needs the do-nothing State Republican Party Leadership either?

Robert A says what is needed is a “Revival” in Republican Party leadership that DOES these things:

  1. Elect and support good conservative citizens into elected positions at every level.
  2. Follow and enforce the procedures and rules that the Party itself has put into effect.
  3. Immediately remove all violators from party leadership positions.

Robert A also notes that CCGOP President Dave Allen allegedly told School Board Candidate Dr. Danny Blanton that he (Blanton) was “on his own” in this 2022 School Board election. SO, then Dr. Blanton’s campaign scheduled an event that happened to be on September 22, 2022. The same time as the Regular CCGOP meeting. That most Republicans in Cleveland County support Danny Blanton for the CCS School Board and plan to attend the Blanton campaign event at the Shelby City Park, instead of attending the Rogue Republican led meeting. The Rogues dirty tricks campaign then decided it was better to cancel their meeting beforehand than have it appear that THEY had lost their corrupt battle to keep Dr. Danny Blanton and Dr. Ronnie Grigg OFF the CCS School Board.  Hey, as usual they would try to lie out of their ownership of their corrupt dirty dealings in the 2022 School Board Elections.

What Robert A says to that is “Phooey” on the Rogue Republicans. What we need in Cleveland County is an INDEPENDENT registered Republican Party organization. Start all over again as that would be easier than “teaching the old dirty dogs to unlearn their corrupt and dirty tricks” old ways.

Robert A says, go to Dr. Danny Blanton’s BBQ event at the Shelby City Park tonight at 6:00 PM. Eat some BBQ and donate generously to Dr. Blanton’s election campaign. Also, attend Dr. Ronnie Grigg’s campaign events and donate generously to Dr. Griggs election campaign. Don’t worry about the CCGOP Rogue Republicans. They deserve to be shown up for the fools that they are. And look for an emergence of a NEW CC Republican Party with leadership that is not so petty, selfish and corrupt as the “OLD” CCGOP.

See all y’all tonight at Dr. Danny Blanton’s campaign event. Shelby City Park at 6:00 PM.

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