Worst Government Agencies, Federal, State and Local– Report and evaluation by Robert A. Williams

Worst Five Federal Government agencies rated Worse, to now quite as bad.

Federal Agencies:

1. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) led by director James Comey. With all the email controversy and obvious evidence that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton violated National Security laws, Director James Comey just can’t get his story straight. Yes, Hillary violated the law, but Comey recommends no prosecution. And to top it all Comey’s boys go through 650,000 State Department emails on pervert Andrew Weiner’s laptop in nine days and still won’t do anything to punish violators of Federal law. Although the FBI works for the corrupt Department of Justice, who are pulling the FBI’s strings, they are supposed to be professional. How can it be professional to keep on being a puppet, dancing on the strings of others? Especially for the Nation’s top law enforcement agency.

2. The Department of Justice (DOJ) led by Attorney General Loretta Lynch. The only reason the DOJ is not on the top of this list is because everybody at DOJ is politically appointed by President Obama and is expected to be just as corrupt as the President, where the FBI is supposed to be non-political. The previous AG, Eric Holder, was held in Contempt of Congress. The FBI has prostrated themselves to the top down corruption In Washington DC when they didn’t necessarily have to

3. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) led by John Koskinen. The IRS has been totally implicated in the illegal political attacks on TEA Party and other Patriotic Groups as shown by IRS official Louis Lerner taking the Fifth when questioned by Congress and then put on paid leave until she retired by Koskinen as a cover-up. Koskinen is presently up for Impeachment.

4. The State Department led by Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. Libya, Syria, Benghazi, Aleppo, the rise of ISIS, North Korea, selling American Uranium Company to Russia, giving Iran a path to nuclear bombs and paying them $150 Billion in the process, and paying $1.5 Billion to Iran as a ransom. What more needs to be said about the sorry State Department under President Obama and Secretaries Hillary Clinton and John Kerry.

5. The Veterans Administration (VA). Everybody knows the VA has been mismanaged for years. Long waits for appointments have seen many veterans die before they get to see a doctor. Last thing I heard is some Veterans have died in VA hospitals and kept in the hospital morgue until their bodies liquefy. In normal times the VA would be the top of this list, put the political shenanigans of the FBI, DOJ, IRS and the State Department beat them out of being the worst of the worst governmental agency.

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