Witchcraft Back in School Board Meeting Prayers!!! Probably Appropriate Regarding all the Scandals! –Report and Evaluation by Robert A. Williams

The Rev. Tony Brown of the NC Piedmont Church of Wicca and the Foothills Interface Assembly will be delivering the Invocation for the Cleveland County Board of Education meeting to be held at 6:00 PM Monday, June 12, 2017 at the schools Central Offices, 400 West Marion Street in Shelby. The Wicca crowd, Pagans, Muslims, gays and lesbians have joined together and totally outmaneuvered Christian Preachers in Cleveland County, as that was their plan.

Considering all the scandals washing up the deep dark secrets within Cleveland County, these anti-Christians seem to have taken over Cleveland Community College, Cleveland County Commissioners and the Cleveland County Board of Education just by “praying at us.” Not a shot has been fired by Christians that want our so-called leadership to just do what is right. Except for me by disclosing all these scandals and informing the citizens.

Folks, stay tuned!!! This year is an election year for the school board. Candidates will be signing up very soon. Help fix the problems by voting out those that refuse to do what is right. My suggestion is to vote for Danny Blanton, Kevin Whisnant, Rodney Fitch and Robert Queen (if he runs) for the Cleveland County Board of Education.

The Anti-Christian plan is noted in the following article from “The Wild Hunt-Modern Pagan News and Commentary”. These folks have a plan, Christians don’t.

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