Witchcraft Back at School Board Meeting!!! Citizen’s Grandchild Still in Danger!!! –Report by Robert A. Williams

Somebody once said “for evil to prevail, all good people have to do is nothing.”
Close to nothing is what the Christian Ministers have done to allow evil to prevail at the School Board meetings.

These are the facts:
There are over 200 Christian Churches in Cleveland County.
There is only one NC Piedmont Church of Wicca. Wicca is a modern day reincarnation of witchcraft.
There are two School Board meetings per month-24 per year.

The math is easy. If Christian Ministers sign up for the School Board Meeting Invocation, the one or two Wicca, Pagan, Muslim and all other non-Christian so called churches would be drowned out to only one meeting every several years or so.

But Nooo. The Christians have fallen asleep again and the witchcraft folks slip right in. Like they did at the March 13, 2017 school Board Meeting.

In a room full of impressionable children, Robin Deal of the NC Piedmont Church of Wicca delivered a prayer to gods Odin, Apollo, Athena, Minerva and a bunch more that I have never heard of to guide the CCS Board to teach the children at CCS. I hate the thought, but I suspect CCS teaches more in regard to what the Wicca folks hold dear than what the Bible teaches.

Just a little later in the Public Participation part of the Board meeting that is required by North Carolina law, Mr. Billy Scruggs, a Baptist Deacon, remarks again that the School Board has refused to bus his grandson to his home after school buses have delivered children on his road for over 30 years. Mr. Scruggs states his grandson has to walk a long distance from his new dangerous drop off location on a busy highway to the safety of Mr. Scruggs’ home. Mr. Scruggs said that he has forgiven Jo Boggs for going along with such a decision and remarked that Jo Boggs had sent out a series of emails that were incorrect in an effort to cover up her actions. I have already sent a Freedom of Information Act request to CCS for a copy of these emails that are public documents and will provide them when I receive them. CCS has refused to provide many other documents that I am legally entitled to and I suspect they will do the same on this occasion too. Perhaps a legal action will get their attention. A better solution for this is to get rid of School Board members on Election Day that refuse to comply with the law.

Another Item on the agenda was approval of revised Board Policies. Policy 2310 regarding Public Participation was revised to delete an unconstitutional restriction the sneaky school board tried to stick into their policy so they could shut down on complaints and who they consider to be complainers-like Mr. Billy Scruggs. Scroll on back for the details of how I sent them an advisory from the NC Institute of Government to not do such a thing. I suspect their lawyer told them to take that unconstitutional stuff out of their policy. It remains in their Public Participation rules. We will see how long it takes to revise that too.

I recommend Danny Blanton, Kevin Whisnant, Rodney Fitch and Robert Queen (if he runs) for the School Board in the 2017 School Board Election. Elect these folks and that will be the beginning of the end to all this foolishness on this school board and at CCS.

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