Willie Green Offers to PURCHASE OLD North Shelby School from CCS!! Mr. Green’s Press Release Provided Below!!! Offers Land to CCS to Settle Title IX violation at Shelby High School!! Likely to be discussed at School Board Meeting Monday Evening!!! Report and Commentary by Robert A. Williams

Press Release from Willie A. Green, Sr., President/CEO of 5-Star Athlete:

January 24, 2020

Willie A. Green, Sr., former NFL wide receiver with two-time Denver Bronco Super Bowl champions, has submitted a land exchange proposal to the Cleveland County School System. Mr. Green’s company, 5-Star Athlete, would give 14.48 acres of land that is adjacent to Shelby High in exchange for the old North Shelby School and a few other concessions to be agreed upon by both parties.
According to Mr. Green, “The transfer would offer no drawbacks to Cleveland County citizens, but instead, could offer two major and immediate benefits to our county: 1) the end to a U. S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights Title IX investigation and 2) a space for a softball field and locker room for the Shelby High School Lady Lions girls’ JV and Varsity softball teams.”
Mr. Green reports, “Unfortunately, our plans to build an indoor sports facility for local athletes to participate in sports-specific training and to host weekend travel ball tournaments will be delayed until legal matters are resolved with the City of Shelby. But in the meantime, our land swap proposal, if accepted, will enable our company’s continuing goal to provide local students and student-athletes with the facilities they need to take their game to the next level.”
We look forward to working with the school system to meet all our goals of making Cleveland County a place that makes outsiders want to visit, and home folks proud.
Willie A. Green, Sr.

Editor’s Note: Mr. Green’s Press Release speaks for itself. CCS has a Federal Title IX (unequal gender facilities) at Shelby High School that has seemed impossible for CCS to settle without spending $Millions. Mr. Green has offered a simple and much cheaper resolution. If only the School Board is wise enough to accept it. Coincidentally, there is a School Board Meeting Monday, January 27, 2020 at the CCS Central Offices in Shelby at 6:00 PM. We would expect this item to be on the agenda at this school board meeting.

We recommend that members of the public and School Board Candidates attend this meeting to watch the “controversial” CCS School Board in Action. Especially Superintendent
Stephen Fisher, who was severely chastised, but NOT rightfully fired at the last school board meeting for filing a frivolous $3 Million Lawsuit against Sheriff Alan Norman. The School Board and Fisher claimed the lawsuit was filed because of bad advice from the CCS attorneys. Perhaps more on that will also be on the school board meeting agenda this coming Monday. Lawyer and all.

Stay tuned. The CCS School Board has not released their Monday Meeting agenda as yet. That is usually a sure sign that CCS is trying to hide something big from the public’s view.

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