Willie Green Files Rule 60 Motion in Shelby Lawsuit Lawsuit Against Shelby Mayor Stanhope Anthony!! Wants to have “MY day in court!!!” Report by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: Mr. Willie Green has submitted the following document to the Cleveland and Lincoln County Judicial District Senior Superior Court Judge Forrest Donald Bridges per Rule 60 of the North Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure. Rule 60 allows for previous Orders to be set aside because of mistakes, fraud, newly discovered evidence and other reasons. Mr. Green clearly states that he wants his day in court. Just like the US Constitution says is his right to do so.

Just in case you might have forgotten, Shelby Mayor Stan Anthony is alleged to have defamed Mr. Green during the obvious racially discriminatory ruling by the Shelby City Council to deny Mr. Green’s Zoning Change Request for a housing project to build High End Condos on property Mr. Green owns at the intersection of Main Street and Dixon Blvd in Shelby, NC. Mr. Green further alleges the City of Shelby and the County Commissioners have colluded in a “joint effort” to prevent Mr. Green from doing Business in Shelby and Cleveland County. Now, Mr. Green has two properties that present zoning will allow Mr. Green to build “Tiny Homes” for up to 200 homeless veterans without any Zoning Changes at all. Is that Karma or what?

Mr. Green Writes:

From: Willie Green March

To: Judge Bridges March 12, 2021

Judge Forrest Donald Bridges,
The purpose of this email is to request under Rule 60, for you to reconsider your recent decision to issue a Summary Judgement in the case of 5-Star Athlete Development, LLC. v. Stanhope O. Anthony, III Case No. 20-CVS-585 and allow the case against Mayor Anthony to proceed. I hope that such consideration will allow this case to move forward and relevant information be obtained through deposition and other evidentiary discoveries.
In addition to your belief, your ruling in the case against Mayor Anthony was also based on the following statements as to your decision to issue a Summary Judgement, “this court concludes that the alleged defamatory statement, “Mr. Green was advised to get a re-zone contingency in his purchase contract prior to closing and he failed to do so…” is not a statement that is slanderous per se, as it is not a statement that accuses him of a criminal act, does not accuse him of having a loathsome disease, does not tend to subject him to ridicule, contempt of disgrace, nor does it impeach him in his trade or profession.”
This is the evidence that has happened since your recent ruling, under Mayor Anthony’s leadership. (1) The Shelby City Council has rushed to passed an unexplained ordinance to specifically prevent me from operating my sports training facility on my property that is part of your Summary Judgment Order, (2) the County – in a joint effort with the City to further retaliate against me – has illegally and prematurely garnished funds from my checking account in hopes of forcing a tax foreclosure on said property and (3) Mayor Anthony and the City Council is in aggressive discussions to find a way to prevent me from building my 116 unit tiny home development for homeless military veterans on my 16 acres of land located at 600 Earl Rd.
Based on these named material facts, there is enough evidence to disprove your belief and to now invoke Rule 60, to allow 5-Star Athlete Development, LLC. v. Stanhope O. Anthony, III Case No. 20-CVS-585 to continue.
The City and County public officials know their unscrupulous behavior will be protected by our judicial system, thus the old saying “you can’t fight city hall.” And your recent decision, based on your beliefs – rather than facts – further validates the old saying.
I look forward to your response and my day in court.
Willie A. Green, Sr.

Editor’s Note Part II: For all you native Cleveland County residents with a long memory and a knack for paying attention to what is going on here, it is obvious who is at fault in all this racial discrimination excuse for covering up corruption, And, it sure ain’t Mr. Willie A. Green Sr.

Hey, do any of you remember when Cleveland County was one of the 40 Counties in North Carolina that were on the Department of Justice watch list for voting right suppression of black citizens? It appears Cleveland County got off that watch list a few years too early. Maybe when the DOJ wasn’t looking?

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