Why I recommend Rev. Dante A. Murphy for the new DSS Director!!! Christian, Honest, Knows Right from Wrong, Transparent, Accountable, Not afraid to speak-out on Issues!! Report by Robert A. Williams

One thing you always know about Rev. Dante Murphy. Exactly where he stands on an issue. Besides being Christian, honest, transparent accountable and he knows right from wrong, Rev. Murphy is the one person to regularly and openly comment on my articles. Not always agreeing with my methods or my trains of thought, but always stating himself clearly and publicly. What other county elected office holder or county employee is brave enough to do that? None.

As anyone who reads my article knows, I take on questions and issues that nobody else wants to talk about. Not in public with their name on it anyway. Race relations issue, plantation politics, wa$te and corruption, this and that. Commissioner fiascos, School Board waste and cover-up, CCC sex scandals, DSS shenanigan, etc. Oh, I get private calls all the time. But Rev. Murphy sends me his comments in writing, signed and sealed, and says share with the public if I want to. So, I do. As I am about to do again.

But, before I share Rev. Murphy’s comment about my most recent and very controversial article on Plantation Politics being alive and well in Cleveland County, I want to say this. Many things at the Cleveland County Department of Social Services are rotten and corrupt. Yet, all you hear form Commissioners is how good of a job that they do. That is a lie and everybody knows it. Rev. Murphy knows it too. And being certified as qualified by the State DSS for the job of DSS director, being experienced, knowing the bad actors as well as the good people at DSS, has applied for the DSS Director’s Position and is being secretly opposed and attacked from all directions by false and silly accusations. And by a widespread variety of people too. All with one thing in common. Somewhere they have their hands in the county cookie jar. Pick-pockets of county tax dollars that were taken by the force of law from you and me. When you hear someone running down Rev. Murphy or me, that is usually what they all have in common. Think about that when you hear somebody like Wes Westmoreland diss Rev. Murphy and myself. Not on the basis of fact, but personal attacks because they don’t have any “facts” that they want you to know about. I would bet the farm this very instant, that if you heard somebody bad-mouthing Rev. Dante Murphy, what you will hear is unproven character attacks and nothing that can balance itself on any notions of truth. Watch and listen and you will see what I mean. Also watch the County HR and the County Manager and staff. They have a stake in covering up the bad doings at DSS as well. And they refuse to even admit whether or not they are actually passing along to the Commissioners the information that I have provided to them or to even look into the DSS files that they now control, their own files, to find the facts of the matter. But folks, know that I copy them too with every article that I write and have hand delivered electronic copies of information to them and asked that they make copies and provide to the Commissioners and the new DSS advisory board. They have told me that “the hiring of the new DSS Director will be done in a professional manner,” but I have not seen any indication that that is true. And I have been looking and will continue to look. Closely!!! and carefully!!!

Therefore, I have provided solid proof that Interim DSS Director, Jane Shooter is not suitable for that DSS position on any valid basis. And any outside person brought into that snake-pit that is the Cleveland County DSS would result in the “insiders” soon overwhelming the outsider and keeping their corrupt control intact. Only Rev. Dante Murphy has all the right attributes at the right time and place to ever makeover the CCDSS into an honest, transparent and accountable agency that would follow the law, policies and procedures. Like they should.

It is just as simple as that. But the corruption inside the DSS and in County management knows that too. If they can’t get Jane Shooter in as DSS Director, they want somebody from the outside who they believe they can control and corrupt in short order. Like I say, it is just as simple as that. Look at retired “outsider” DSS Director John Wasson they brought in a few years ago. Wasson was overwhelmed by the corruption almost immediately. So, Wasson just let the corruption continue unabated, took his high pay and retired somewhere else. Which allowed the DSS Board to put insider Karen Ellis Prichard in as Director as soon as John Wasson retired, so it was business as usual-all along. This time we don’t want or need DSS corruption to continue as business as usual. We want the Food Stamp fraud to stop. We want the baby-killing to stop. (Note that I was not talking about abortion here. That is another issue. I am talking about the baby murders you read about on a regular basis.) We want the “weaponization of the DSS to cease immediately. NO CORRUPTION ALLOWED of any sort is what we want at CCDSS. Only Rev. Dante Murphy offers Cleveland County the opportunity of pulling that off. Only Rev. Dante Murphy is willing to take on 40 years of ingrained and inbred corruption and mismanagement at the Cleveland County Department of Social Services.

So, I am providing below Rev. Dante Murphy’s comment to my article regarding “Plantation Politics is alive and well in Cleveland County” as just one example of his way of thinking. Go back to that article. The comment will also be added there for all to see. It is also provided here, for your convenience. Rev. Murphy is ready to take on corruption and injustice wherever it exists. Rev. Murphy is who we need as Director of the Cleveland County Department of Social Services. Call the County Commissioners and tell them so. NOW!!! Surely don’t allow the corruption at CCDSS continue for another generation.

Rev. Murphy’s comment:

I do not know the validity concerning rumors that former Commissioner Holbrook will run for an elected office. I am quite surprised that he would consider any run in politics after such a disappointing defeat in the last election. His exploitation of blacks in the community, manipulation and control of county government, and threats of filing a lawsuit against you [Robert Williams] for exercising free speech were just a few of the despicable acts by an elected official. If the rumors are true, Eddie Holbrook has a tremendous amount of “making up” to do in his efforts to win back the trust of all citizens impacted by his tenure as an elected official. His failure alone to adequately respond to my request to investigate DSS Director Karen Ellis (Pritchard) and her staff for illegal acts is enough evidence that his tenure was surrounded by corruption. Ironically, if he was to successfully run for city council, he is going to be faced with a similar situation in Green v. City of Shelby and Rick Howell. I suggest Eddie Holbrook and those willing to risk their reputations on him begin to publicly speak out against the ill-advised actions of Rick Howell and those trying to justify his actions including, but not limited to, Mayor Stan Anthony, council members, and the city’s well-paid outside attorneys.
Additionally, Eddie Holbrook is on record as having made the statement that I [Rev. Dante Murphy] was an “unsavory” person for having sued and settled a discrimination case against Cleveland County. He was suggesting that any person willing to do business in Cleveland County would suffer consequences if associated with me. It appears that a similar theme has surfaced since I submitted an application to become the next Director of Cleveland County DSS. The people of Cleveland County should be reminded that a person does not surrender their constitutional rights in exchange for employment. Secondly, no American citizen should be retaliated against based on who they associate with as long as their association stays free of illegal activity. And lastly, it is my hope that whatever government entity or person responsible for hiring a new Director is doing so in the best interest of the citizens rather than shopping for another employee that continues to uphold a corrupt system.
Rev. Dante Murphy

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