Who is telling lies about Willie Green???–Shelby Officials or Shelby Star!!! Shelby Mayor and Council Woman Violet Dukes say it’s the “Shelby Liar”!!! Report, arguendo and questions by Robert A. Williams

An article in the Shelby Daily Star, or “Shelby Liar” as it is often called says what it says. Court documents filed down at the Courthouse say what they say too. Now, an article in the Star that contains quotes from Shelby City Council members and even the Mayor, despite warnings from Shelby’s Attorneys to keep their mouths shut is resulting in a series of lawsuits filed by Mr. Willie Green against Mayor Stan Anthony and Violet Dukes and counting. Not counting the lawsuit against City Manager Rick Howell where Superior Court Judge Todd Pomeroy has already ruled that governmental immunity does not apply when the officials acted with malicious or criminal intent.

In this particular Shelby Star article, Star Reporter Rebecca Sitzes, in her article “Diving deeper into Willie Green’s Proposal” published January 26, 2020 questioned the Shelby Mayor and the Shelby City Council; statements made by Violet Dukes and Stan Anthony caught Willie Green’s eye, were determined to be defamatory and legal actions were filed against Dukes and Anthony. Case Numbers 20-CVM-266 against Dukes and 20-CVM-267 against Anthony

In those legal actions Plaintiff Willie Green clearly alleged Dukes and Anthony made defamatory statements and requested damages for their defamatory statements.

Now, Dukes and Anthony, through their taxpayer paid lawyers, have denied everything in Mr. Green’s Lawsuit and demand a jury trial. In such a denial, Dukes and Anthony are basically denying everything the Shelby Star and Rebecca Sitzes wrote about them was FALSE.

So, now the questions”

1. Does Willie Green add the Shelby Star to his lawsuit against Violet Dukes and Stan Anthony?

2. Does the Shelby Star file a lawsuit against Violet Dukes and Stan Anthony?

3. Does Stan Anthony and Violet Dukes file a lawsuit against the Shelby Star for publishing false statements that they did not make?

4. Who files a lawsuit4 against Star Reporter Rebecca Sitzes? Will Sitzes be fired or disciplined by the Star? Or disappear without a trace?

5. Will the City of Shelby, Stan Anthony, Violet Dukes, the Star and the other Shelby City Councilmen just offer Willie Green enough $Millions so Green will settle and laugh at Shelby all the way to the bank.

6. Maybe Commissioner Johnny Hutchins will file a lawsuit against me as a part of his “Smoke Blowing” effort to get re-elected? The first thing I would do is remind Hutchins and everybody else, that I sent him an advance copy of every article I write about the Commissioners and offered him the opportunity make factual corrections or comments-which he has never done. Then counter-sue ‘til the cows come home. Same with Violet Dukes, Stan Anthony, Eddie Holbrook, Jason Falls, Rev. Lamont Littlejohn, the Star and anybody else. And, I don’t intend to disappear without a trace.

I would expect the Shelby Star to make a public statement in this lawsuit matter. Or just cut their losses, file for bankruptcy, tuck their tale between their legs and finish their move to Gastonia or somewhere else, never to look back. At the least they should support their Reporter, who very likely never made up anything it the article. Probably left a lot out.

This is the link to the Shelby Star article in question: Read for yourself.

For your convenience, Violet Dukes and Stan Anthony’s lawsuit filings are attached below. Don’t believe a word I write, read for yourself.

Defendant Violet Dukes Answer to Willie Green Lawsuit 2-27-2020
Defendant Stan Answer to Willie Green Lawsuit 2-27-2020

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