Where is the Proof Regarding Jane Shooter and the DSS??? Commissioners, Open Your Eyes. You have it in your own files!!! Report by Robert A. Williams

Some folks have asked me, where is your proof that Jane Shooter has done or not done the things you claim in your recent articles? Like it is MY responsibility to turn over my sources to someone else to get to the truth. I `am not going to turn over my sources, Period!! I am going to do the Commissioners and the public one better. I am going to point everybody to sworn testimony and tell everybody where that testimony is. It is right there in the court files previously mention and these files are in the possession of the Cleveland County Commissioners. And their Million Dollar Staff.

It goes like this. The previously named lawsuit resulted from the inaction of the Commissioners to investigate the DSS as requested in an official Commissioner’s meeting during Citizens Recognition. The Commissioner’s inaction regarding the unethical and probably illegal acts of DSS, including Jane Shooter, ultimately led to a Complaint to the EEOC, which gave the petitioner permission to file suit against the Cleveland County DSS Board of Directors and certain specific DSS employees. A Federal Lawsuit was indeed drawn up and filed with the Federal Court in Asheville, NC. Copies of which were “served” upon the DSS parties.

Now, to make a long story short, this lawsuit is a public record and was served upon the Cleveland County DSS. Now the Commissioners have taken over control of the CCDSS, so ownership of these court records rightly belongs to the Cleveland County Board of Commissioners.

The Commissioners have two attorneys, Tim Moore and Elliot Engstrom working for them. The DSS had other lawyers working with them in the lawsuit and ultimate settlement where DSS had to pay $55,000. The DSS Employees who thought they could lie and get by with it, only to learn that prison was looking them in the eye if they committed perjury, then spilled their guts. Admitting to the bad acts directed by high level DSSS administration, which included Jane Shooter.

The Commissioners also have a highly paid County Manager, Assistant County Manager, a highly paid Human Resources Manager and plenty of other staff whose combined pay probably exceeds $1,000,000 per year. It is the job of all this County Staff to ensure the Commissioners are provided with accurate and timely assessments and recommendations regarding actions the Commissioners are responsible for. Like the bottom-line decision to hire or fire someone.

So, I say to the Commissioners and their million-dollar staff, don’t believe a word that I say. (As I often state.) Just look at your own records and interviews with County employees for the truth of the matter regarding promoting Jane Shooter to the Director of the DSS. Or anybody else. The truth is in the Federal Court Files and the files belong to the Commissioners. It is as simple as that.

It is even more simple because there are other court cases in Commissioner’s files to back up instances of bad acts by DSS. The mind-blowing Competency cases of James George and Tianna Wilson come to mind. Plenty of wrongdoing by DSS and others in those cases. Cases that the Commissioners are now in charge and in possession of.

Commissioners, have your million-dollar staff, as well as the old DSS Board, pull those legal documents and records from your own files and look for yourself. Do your due diligence and get those files. Then, if you need assistance in finding the very large nuggets of corruption, I will be glad to point them out to you.

I will be glad to do that much to help you out. But remember, you are running the risk of finding more than you bargained for that might require firing the old DSS Board members of the new DSS advisory board and perhaps more disciplinary actions that need to be taken. I always thought bringing in the old DSS Board into the new DSS Advisory Board was a foolish thing to do in the first place.

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