We’re Back!!!—The Hackers can’t hold us down for long!! We must be getting close to something the “In-Crowd” wants covered-up!!! I won’t even guess who the hackers are. Probably not the Russians, but much closer. Stay tuned folks, I am going to exposed those that need exposed. No Matter who they are!!! Report and Promise by Robert A. Williams

This past Friday morning I received a call that something was wrong with the Citizens For Good Government Website. When people were trying to go there, they got a security message that possible hacking was going on. The last article posted showed more examples of how the Commissioners had run the county toward bankruptcy and called for a referendum on whether or not to support the Catawba Casino. (More on the Casino later.) Also, I had discovered a likely conflict of interest in the Shelby Mayor’s race and had emailed a request for information to the Mayor and others. And then we got hacked.

Well, I can’t prove who did it or why. But now we are back up and I have very much information that the public needs to be aware of for this year’s elections and from now on.

So, whatever you do folks, Stay tuned. WE have public information on various Cleveland County Governmental agencies and political candidates that appear to be unethical and most likely criminal. The North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein will be notified.

You can bet you will NOT get this information from the Shelby Star.

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