We caught a bug!!! The bug is dead!! Report by Robert A. Williams

A few days ago we caught a “bug” that hacked down our website. As you can see we killed the bug and are back on line fully functional. While we were down we updated some things that should add to reader convenience and made some internal changes that will increase our cyberspace security. We also renegotiated some things with our server that provided significant savings. Perhaps we should thank the hacker for that.

One thing we have done in determining who did the hacking, we have eliminated the Russians as meddling in our affairs. Despite all this mess in the fake news about Russian “meddling” and Russian “interference” in the 2016 Elections, our review of the information that supposedly was provided by the Russians (such as the Debbie Wassermann-Schultz stuff, Donna Brasile feeding Hilary Clinton debate questions, John Podesta stuff) all turned out to be true. So, what is the problem with the truth, even if it did come from the Russians?

Therefore, we believe our hacker is much closer to home. Some readers have concluded that Jason Falls might have had a hand in the hacking. Maybe, but we don’t believe Jason Falls is smart enough to have done it himself. And he is allegedly too financially strapped to have paid some computer geek to hack us. Personally I would think the hacking would most likely have CCC, CCS or Commissioner origins. Lots of smart people over there. Lots of smart, but misguided people too.

We may never know who actually did the hacking, but we are looking hard into this hacking business. We are looking at the fake news and FBI claims that 13 Russians were responsible for meddling or interfering in the 2016 Elections for the purpose of destroying our democracy. If destroying our democracy is their goal, we have pretty much done that to ourselves. Look at the 2017 school board elections where 52,000 voters stayed home. And those that did vote re-elected Phillip “Bully” Glover and a sexual predator to the school board.

Personally, I blame the Cleveland County Schools and the schools across America for all this fake news and phony Russian meddling investigations. Schools here and everywhere in America are turning out students who can’t read and write proficiently, who can’t develop a logical thought process to recognize fake news from truth when they hear it and end up shooting one another.

Just like the hacker who took down our website for a nanosecond of historical time, our problems in America stem from places much closer to home. And OUR efforts and determination to fix those problems will be re-doubled. And redoubled again. Stay tuned for the 2018 Elections in Cleveland County. Read our stuff and you will certainly NOT be uninformed when you go to the voting booth. That’s a promise.

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