Valor Village Shelby–Project Under Fire from Neighbors!!! A “Tiny House Community” for Homeless Veterans on City of Shelby Council Meeting Agenda for March 15, 2021 at Don Gibson Theater!! Large Protest in OPPOSITION from Neighbors being organized!!! Report, comparisons and arguendo by Robert A. Williams

The Valor Village Shelby Project touts itself as being a patriotic organization with the Mission Statement being: To Create a community that honors the concept of “Leave no one behind.” These “Valor” folks want to build around 76 “Tiny Houses” for homeless veterans in the neighborhood bounded by Kings Road on one end with an entrance, Main Street, beginning at East Dixon Boulevard. The Main Street/East Dixon Blvd Property belonging to Willie Green. This same neighborhood that was and still is in controversy and lawsuits stemming from Mr. Green wanting to build high end Condos on his property but was denied (illegally) by the Shelby City Council denying his rezoning request.

As with Mr. Green, the Valor Village construction opposition is supposedly based on the perception that the existing neighborhood’s property values would be adversely affected by Mr. Green’s High End Condo project on one side of the neighborhood and this “Tiny Houses” (160 Square foot-about the size of one medium size (12 x 13) bedroom) project on the other side of the neighborhood.

Most, including myself, believe Mr. Green’s project on East Dixon-Main Street was illegally opposed and denied because of racial discrimination. I further believe that this “Tiny House” Project opposition is based on discrimination as well, but of another sort. Economic/Handicap discrimination. Of course, both forms of discrimination are outlawed by the Fair Housing Act. A Federal Civil Rights law whose violations are very often justified (falsely) by opponents as a perceived “lowering” of the adjacent properties’ value.

One would think that the Shelby City Council would be wary of this new project’s high potential for major lawsuits against them. But, as many believe, Shelby is already an “ass-wipe” little Podunk berg of a town that is already drying up and blowing away. A sentiment reflected in the 2020 census as well as Shelby’s own 10-year masterplan that describes the towns leadership as inadequate.

For an independent observer like myself, I have to think that “Karma” has descended upon that East Shelby Neighborhood that is the subject of this article. But there is more, much more. Perhaps “Karma” is descending over the whole of Shelby.

In a recently obtained proposal by Mr. Willie Green to potential “partners” Including the Veterans Administration and others, Mr. Green is proposing partnership arrangements with those interested in investing in his property on Earl Road for a similar Tiny House Community, except much larger. Mr. Green lists his properties attributes as being adjacent to Holly Oak Park and Shelby High School, The Thread Trail (And the Rail Trail) which would provide easy access to downtown Shelby. This would be totally amplified by the fact that bicycle accessibility to Mr. Green’s property via the Thread/Rail Trail would allow several hundred formerly homeless veterans and other homeless families to “bicycle” those trails to access Downtown/Uptown Shelby en-mass every day. As a necessity as very few homeless individuals actually own cars. A bicycle equipped with a basket and a light could turn the City of Shelby into a welcoming mecca for the homeless. Easy access to Healthcare, Mental health treatments, job training, job access, Accelerate Cleveland access at Cleveland Community College, etc. Day and night. Mr. Green’s property on Earl Road also offers the advantage that it is already zoned for this type of Tiny Home Community Development for hundreds of homeless.

Folks, this is an evolving story with more details forthcoming. Stay Tuned!!!

PS: The NOTICE being posted around the noted neighborhood is attached below for your convenience. Perhaps YOU might want to attend the City of Shelby Council meeting March 15, 2021 or call a Shelby city official.

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