Update on Willie Green Lawsuit against Shelby and Rick Howell!!! Shelby’s Lawyers Say they will go all the way!! What they don’t say is they will go all the way making $500-hour!! Shelby Lawyer Bill Expected to exceed $500,000 Report and arithmetic by Robert A. Williams

As reported in my previous article, a Federal Judge has thrown out the Motion to Dismiss by Shelby and Rick Howell’s attorneys; clearing the way for a Federal Court trial by jury. This is bad news if you are Shelby taxpayers and Rick Howell. Note that Rick Howell has been sued personally.

This threat to go all the way by Shelby is something else too. It is bluster and blather too, after spending so much lawyer time on their best hope-getting off on a loophole. Especially when their case, on the merits and facts, is so very weak. And the discrimination by Shelby and defamation by Rick Howell is so obvious. And, let’s not forget that Cleveland County has done the same thing to Mr. Green. What a mess and at such a cost.

Let’s look at the possible cost to the City of Shelby and Shelby taxpayers.

A Jury trial such as this in Federal Court (in Asheville) will probably take several years to come to court. All the processes and procedures. The Defendant’s “Answer” to the lawsuit, which Shelby and Howell has been avoiding for so long. The depositions of witnesses. The various hearings on Motions, Schedules and other things, all in Asheville. All the travel expenses. Shelby’s attorneys will easily roll up over 1,000 hours. 1,000 hours at $500/hr. equals $500,000 plus expenses.

And, do not forget, that if Willie Green wins his case, Shelby and Rick Howell will pay Mr. Green’s attorney fees too. So, Shelby may very well be on the hook for over $1,000,000. Just in attorney fees.

Also, do not forget that, if Mr. Green wins, Shelby and Howell are on the hook for compensatory damages and punitive damages. Compensatory damages are compensation for actual costs to Mr. Green because of Shelby and Howells bad acts. Mr. Greens travel, lost business and many other factors. Add in another $500,000 to Shelby/Howell’s bill. Then, Howell’s defamation. Another $250,000 plus bankruptcy for the obnoxious Mr. Howell. Now the kicker. Shelby’s obvious discrimination against Mr. Green. Punitive Damages, that is awards levied on Shelby to punish Shelby for illegal discrimination. Who knows? Another $2-5 Million???

Well residents of the City of Shelby, YOU do the final arithmetic here. See what YOUR leadership’s bad acts have brought down upon you. My suggestion to Shelby residents is recruit reasonable people to run for office this year. Throw out the ole and bring in the new. And settle with Mr. Green while you still can.

Or, vote for Eddie Holbrook for Ward 2 and double your liability. Which would also encourage Mr. Green to sue Cleveland County too. And bring county residents into your sinking boat with you. Then we can all get a second job to pay lawyer bills and lawsuit damages.

PS: Shelby’s lawyers noted in this article are Shelby’s out-of-town lawyers.

PS Part II: Shelby officials have continued their defamation of Mr. Willis Green by making statements to WBTV News, Channel 3, that Mr. Green did not have the resources to uphold his part of the Sports Complex Idea. Unfortunately for Shelby, they have no proof for their statements. Their $500-hr out of town lawyer should have told the fools to keep their mouths shut.

To watch the TV News report, click here.

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