Update on Tim Moore’s Ethic’s Complaint and Related Info!!! A Meritless Election Year political Ploy Report by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: Various bits of information have come out or have been found in my own research regarding the Ethics Complaint against Speaker of the House Tim Moore. Since the NC Ethics Committee is now part of the NC Board of Elections and both are Democrat controlled and involved in lawsuits between the Office of the Governor and the NC General Assembly, we have decided to do our own investigation and research in this matter as Tim Moore is presently a candidate for the NC House District 111. This district covers most of Cleveland County. I am a part of that district, as are most of you. And we all need to know what is going on as Tim has alleged that all this Ethics Complaint stuff is just an election year political ploy. I don’t know about you, but I don’t intend to be fooled by a “fake news-phony baloney” political ploy.

Please re-read my previous article about this ethics complaint that was published March 8, 2018.

Item Number 1. Money: The seemingly large profit made from buying a closed down chicken processing plant in Siler City, NC for $85,000 and selling it for $550,000.
The Facts: The property was bought in a follow-up bankruptcy action and the selling price was still well below the appraised value. The property had two underground fuel storage tanks that required remedial action which could have cost as much as $1,000,000 as noted by the US EPA. That US EPA information is included at the end of this article. We did NOT make this up. Nobody else has reported this fact. Tim and Southeast Land Holdings took a huge risk in buying this property with two failed Underground Storage Tanks. The actual cost of the tank remediation has not been reported upon exactly, except to say that Southeast Land Holdings requested $23,000 or so from the NC DEQ after the sale of the property. Apparently Tim and his group did something right.

Item Number 2. Underground Storage Tanks and alleged abuse of the power of Tim’s high Elected Office:
A news report from the Raleigh TV Station WRAL News reported that they had talked directly to three of the NC Department of Environmental Quality people listed in the Ethics Complaint and each one of them responded that Tim Moore did NOT in any way pressure them to give him preferential treatment. Instead of trying to report the WRAL article all over again, this is the link to that article-in full. Please read it and get past all the fake news and phony baloney being spread around Cleveland County.

Complaint alleges Moore threw weight around to save money on land deal

I find nothing in this well researched and well explained WRAL article that indicates Tim Moore did anything wrong. Read it for yourself. What I find interesting is that the sale of the property brought 550 to 700 jobs, maybe more in the long run, to Chatham County qualifying the new chicken processing plant owners for $2.3 million in local tax incentives and $1.5 million in infrastructure grants. And Chatham County and Siler City are tickled pink about the whole thing. Depending on which where you get your local information and numbers from, Cleveland County just gave Clearwater Paper as much as 20 times that much for an expansion that only brought about half the jobs as the Tim Moore private project in Chatham County. And with the Commissioners, the Cleveland County Schools and Cleveland Community College’s failure to properly educate and train our students: workers, as we speak, for those Cleveland County jobs are being recruited from Charlotte. All the while 20,000+ people in Cleveland County (According to DSS records) are on Food Stamps because they are unemployed or underemployed.

Item Number 3. Tim Moore’s allegation that this is all “a meritless election-year political ploy.”
When I first heard about this Ethics Complaint against Tim Moore and pulled up the information in the Shelby Star, Charlotte Observer and the Raleigh News and Observer, I smelled a rat. Three rats! These liberal media outlets are well known for fake news and phony baloney as a political ploy. Each article from these sources basically reported only from the complaint itself and their reporters did no independent fact checking themselves. Then I checked out the source of the complaint and smelled another rat. The Campaign for Accountability has a liberal leaning Democrat tilt that is well documented. Complaints they issue are usually against conservative Republicans. This was all stated and explained in my previous article noted above.

I also noted Tim Moore’s allegation that all this is a meritless election year political ploy and figured Tim may very well be right. I also figured (and smelled) that there was a Cleveland County connection to this ethics complaint.

As this fake news-phony baloney story came out, my phone started ringing. When Democrat David Brinkley from Kings Mountain filed to run against Tim Moore for the NC District 111 House of Representatives seat not long before, it was reported that at least 45 Democrats accompanied Brinkley to the Board of Elections when Brinkley filed. A contingent of those are allegedly meeting regularly at Bully Glover’s Driver’s School Office for political strategy meetings. I heard names like Phillip “Bully” Glover, Shearra Miller, Poker Machine Mogul Kathy Falls, David and Sally Royster and others that I have forgotten now. All dedicated to getting rid of Tim Moore in the 2018 elections. These names also came up in the 2017 School Board Election as being involved in political dirty tricks against Republican candidates Danny Blanton, Rodney Fitch, Robert Queen and Kevin Whisnant. There was well documented plotting and scheming amongst the Cleveland County NAACP, certain “black” churches and the Democrats to get the black vote for Bully Glover as well as the Sexual predator Coleman Hunt, Tom Cat Greene and Dena Green (the best candidate in that pack) in that 2017 School Board election. Remember that Dena Green’s husband was run off from one of those 2017 “strategy meetings? There was a lot of “meritless election year political ploys” in the 2017 school board elections. And that strategy worked because 52,000 registered Cleveland County voters stayed home on election day.

Now it certainly appears like the same rat pack appears to be doing the same thing in the 2018 Elections. Especially against Tim Moore, which will likely spill over into the Commissioner’s race against other Republican candidates. They must consider it is “deja vu” all over again with at least 52,000 fools registered to vote in Cleveland County.

These rat pack folks named above have publicly stated their vows for getting rid of Tim Moore. I have found no documented evidence that they are directly involved with the Tim Moore Ethics complaint. But they do have that kind of MO and I would not be surprised if they were involved eyeball deep with the CfA Complaint in some way. I would also not be surprised if more such dirty tricks, fake news and phony-baloney comes out against Tim Moore and others before the 2018 Election in November. Folks, stay tuned, stay informed and vote on election day. Don’t let yourself be played for a fool like you were in the 2017 school board election.

Folks, also note that I am not on Tim Moore’s re-election team although I am likely to recommend voting for Tim when the time comes as he has a long voting record that is mostly good and his opponent, David Brinkley, is becoming known for the poor political company that he keeps. Also, If you are a regular reader you will recall that I have sometimes had differences of opinion with Tim Moore, and said so. That will not change for Tim or any other candidate. I call them as I see them-and I look closely, myself, for documented evidence and not fake news-phony baloney from others.

In this case at hand, what I see is that Tim Moore was right in his claim that this ethics complaint is just a meritless election year political ploy. However, if I find or are presented with evidence to the contrary, I will surely let you know.

Source: US EPA-UST-Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the cost of Cleaning up a problem Underground Storage Tank?
The cost of cleanup depends on a variety of factors, including the extent of contamination and state cleanup standards. The average cleanup is estimated to cost $130,000. If only a small amount of soil needs to be removed or treated, cleanup costs may be as low as $10,000. However, costs to clean more extensive soil contamination may exceed $130,000. Corrective action for leaks that affect ground water typically cost from $100,000 to over $1 million, depending on the extent of contamination.

Source: NC DEQ-Underground Storage Tank Guidance

3. Change of Ownership – A permit is not transferable. In the event there is a desire to change ownership, or there is a name change of the permittee, a formal permit request must be submitted. Submit requests to the appropriate regional office, UST Section, accompanied by the appropriate application fee, documentation from the parties involved, and other supporting materials as appropriate. The approval of this request will be considered on its merits; it may or may not be approved. A set of approved documents for the subject project must be retained by the applicant for the life of the project.

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