Trump Signs Stolen in Cleveland County!!! —Report by Robert A. Williams

If you scroll back a few articles you will read about how the interest in Donald Trump and the other Republican candidates swelled the lines at the Cleveland County Republican Party Booth at the 2016 Fair while the Cleveland County Democrat Booth was mostly deserted. Many people at the Republican Booth were there to pick up campaign materials AND Donald Trump for President yard signs. Since the Fair, the Cleveland County Republican Headquarters on North Lafayette across from the First Baptist Church in Shelby, has continually received and dispersed campaign signs for Republican Candidates but many more Donald Trump for President signs. The word about the Donald Trump for President signs was that many signs were being stolen and people were coming back for more.

Yard signs have always been a good indicator of candidate support in Cleveland County. Many times in the past I have heard about people being retaliated against in some way if they had the “wrong” signs in their yards. Especially people who work for the county. This time that type of situation is mild compared to Trump signs. As I have traveled around Cleveland County I have noticed Trump signs appear and then disappear. A Trump sign on the crossroads in Fallston lasted maybe a day or two, while the rest of the signs were not touched. A Trump sign right in front of the Republican Headquarters in Shelby was stolen. Just the sign. The wire that held the Trump sign is still there. I even noticed some houses where other candidates signs were closer to the road, but the Trump signs were closer to the front door, making stealing them a little more difficult.

And there are other signs that are not actually signs at all, but are still very troubling “signs” of our times-election corruption and harmful public division. A man goes to vote in Texas wearing a Trump hat and a “Deplorable” shirt is thrown in jail. The Republican Headquarters in another town in North Carolina is fire bombed. The media is overwhelmingly biased against Trump and their bias is easily detected. Even the Shelby Star prints many “bad” articles against Trump yet very seldom print’s anything bad about Hillary Clinton.

All this is troubling since Donald Trump clearly supports things that are important to the vast majority of Cleveland County citizens. Trumps positions on nominating US Supreme Court Judges, Second Amendment Rights (gun control), abortion, the economy. law and order, education, immigration, securing our borders, having a strong national defense, good paying jobs, better trade deals, “draining the swamp” of corruption in DC, regulating Wall Street corruption, repealing and replacing the failed ObamaCare programs and other such positions are much closer to what Cleveland County wants and needs when compared with the false promises Hillary Clinton makes.

So, all you folks that have not voted yet, go on down to your precinct voting places Tuesday November 8, 2016 and vote for Donald Trump for President. Don’t let our Constitutional form of government be stolen by activist judges and other such liberals. Run off a copy of my marked up Sample Ballot and use it as a guide when you vote. Make America Great Again and let’s keep it that way.

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