Tim Moore for US President? VP in 2024??? Tim Did NOT say No!!! Report by Robert A. Williams

At the November 17th, 2020 Commissioner’s Meeting I signed up for Citizens Participation. I was seated 6 ft away from Speaker of the NC House and Cleveland County Attorney Tim Moore. Previously, sources had reported to me that Tim Moore was seriously thinking about running for Vice President or maybe even President in 2024.

So, when it was my turn to speak, I reserved a few precious seconds of my allotted 180 seconds (and folks, the commissioners time you to the second) in order to report that I had heard “rumors” that our Tim Moore was considering running for VP or President in 2024 and turned to Tim for a response. Tim pulled back his mask and said your rumors “come from Fake News.” Everybody in the room had a little chuckle as the elections of 2024 are four years away.

But I didn’t chuckle. I did smile though. Tim had NOT answered the obvious question. “Are you considering running for President or Vice President in 2024?” To that question, there was no answer. A check of Tim’s Facebook page indicated Tim, along with Kelly Hastings, have gone to Pennsylvania and especially Philadelphia to help the Trump Team do some vote count checking. Thusly, bringing Tim and Kelly into some National Level attention. Also, President Trump mentioned Tim in one of his recent campaign visits to North Carolina.

So, in the world of politics, Tim did not rule out his consideration of running for President or Vice President in 2024. And, everybody dreams of being the President of the United States!! And, if, Heaven forbid, Joe and the “Ho” become President and Vice President for four years of Hell for taxpayers, Tim Moore and any Republican candidate should win the 2024 elections by a landslide.

Stay tuned folks. And save your nickels and dimes (quarters and dollars too) to donate to Tim’s 2024 “Elect Tim Moore for President” campaign.

PS: You can also donate to the Donald Trump Legal Team to ensure that all the LEGAL votes are counted and all the ILLEGAL votes are NOT counted. And the rightful winner of the 2020 Elections are seated into office.

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9 months ago


Governor in 2024 or for Burr’s Senate seat in 2022. HELL YES.