TEA Party Candidate Forum Thursday Night!!! Bethel Baptist Church 6:30 PM Feb. 6, 2020!!! Reminder by Robert A. Williams

Although I am NOT a registered member of the Shelby TEA Party, I recommend everybody attend the Shelby TEA Party’s Candidate Forum Thursday night at 6:30 PM at Bethel Baptist Church in Shelby. The 2020 Election is upon us, earlier than in previous years, and everyone should make a MAXIMUM effort to get out and meet the 2020 candidates.

Especially since the School Board and Commissioner Republican Primary Elections can install a new MAJORIYT on both of these boards. And turn Cleveland County toward the right direction. That direction being toward fiscal responsibility, transparency, eliminating corruption, more public participation, safety in our schools and elsewhere, lowering crime rates, prosecuting drug dealers and white color crime, etc.

Come join everybody who wants to be informed on the issues and where the candidates stand on those issued. Thing about what YOU are MOST interested in and submit your questions. That is how it works with the TEA Party forums.

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