Sunday Voting Fizzles!!! Report and evaluation by Robert A. Williams

Editor’ Note: Before you read this article, remember that I support voting on Election Day for one simple reason. Ballot security. When you Early Vote, your ballot remains in somebody’s care for up to two weeks. When you vote on Election Day, once you drop your ballot in the box, it is counted just hours later. Leaving much less of a chance for ballot mischief or Russian Interference or meddling or whatever. I am much more worried about Democrat meddling than I am about Russian meddling with my vote.

This past Sunday was a perfect day for voting. Perfect for anything really. Mild temperature, sunny, blue sky… It was the day that busloads of voters from black churches were to show up in appreciation for the Board of Elections granting them the right to vote on Sunday. I made a point to go out to see this historical day.

It was about 1:30 PM when I showed up and stayed for an hour. I saw no buses. Guy from the Tea Party said there was one bus that had come and gone. With only five voters aboard. That must have been the first and last bus.

There was a small stream of voters at the Hobby Lobby at Shelby. Even smaller streams at Boiling Springs and Kings Mountain. The total for all three locations on Sunday was 498 voters. 336 for Shelby, 115 for Kings Mountain and 47 for Boiling Springs. Yet, Monday, (today) there were a total of 1,262 votes; 778 for Shelby, 297 for Kings Mountain and 187 for Boiling Springs. Well over twice as many voters as Sunday.

It is obvious the Sunday voting was a fizzle. A failure. There is no other description for it. And no reason to ever have the expense of Sunday voting ever again. Also, only 5 days of early voting is aplenty. Anything more is a waste of taxpayer dollars and candidates time.

Several interesting tidbits were observed Sunday.

One was the Eddie Holbrook campaign had two sets of voting materials they were handing out to voters. Black voters were given sample ballots marked up by the Democrats. White voters were given a Tea Party candidate recommendation list which showed Eddie Holbrook and Sherriff Alan Norman as the only recommended Democrat candidates on the list.

Another was the mobile billboard (8X20) for Sheriff Candidate Clyde Ledbetter and one for Candidate Tim Moore. Ledbetter’s billboard had a large picture of Clyde and was more patriotic based. Moore’s billboard showed Tim beside a Holstein cow mooing out “Why settle for less when you can have MOOOOORE!”

I expect there will be many more mobile billboards at future elections. More expensive elections too, I suspect “real” campaign spending from deep pocket donors for candidates Tim Moore, Alan Norman and Eddie Holbrook will top $250,000 this year. Maybe double that. How can a “people’s candidate” ever compete with such high campaign spending as that? Who would want to? Our democratic republic form of government has been sold out to the highest bidder. Even at the local level.

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