Stuck on Stupid–Cleveland County Style!! Why are Cleveland County Commissioners and Health Dept Stuck on Stupid!!! NOoooBody Else in the World Let’s School Boards Dictate COVID Restrictions for the WHOLE County!!! Report, examples and gossip forwarded by Robert A. Williams

Within the past 10 days, the City of Shelby has cancelled its “Alive After Five” outdoor concert because of a supposedly dramatic situation with COVID, A situation that has filled the Shelby Hospital to the point that Atrium had to send people away to other facilities. And filling up their Morgue with dead bodies that required Atrium to ship in Temporary morgue facilities to handle the overflow of dead bodies. But the City of Kings Mountain went on with on with their “Picking in the Park” while cancelling other events. All the while the City of Bessemer City, just a few miles over the County Line from Kings Mountain carried, on with their Summertime Concert this past Saturday evening. I attended the Bessemer City event along with several hundreds of others. With no masks or social distancing. And the Caromont Hospital in Gastonia even sponsored the event.

And don’t tell me that the COVID, Delta Variant, can tell where the county lines are. Especially since it travelled al the way around the world from India. And most likely arrived in Cleveland County via the World Series World Series or the opening of the Catawba Casino in Kings Mountain. Events that have profited former Commissioner Eddie Holbrook while in office AND AFTER. And most likely others.

Putting 2 + 2 together, you have to wonder why officials in Cleveland County cancelled the Cleveland County Fair-but allowed the ALWS and the Casino to continue despite the ideal conditions of ALWS and the Casino to be “Super-spreaders” of the COVID-Delta Variant. Note that, while I did attend the Bessemer City Event, I dd NOT attend the ALWS or visit the Casino.

“Well, Williams,” you might ask; “Why do you trust Gaston County events and not Cleveland County events??” I will answer by referring to the following:

COVID-19 Notice from Bessemer City, NC website Announcement

August 18, 2021 (In Part)
A staff member assigned to the customer service/finance department tested positive for the COVID-19 virus on this date. Exposed unvaccinated staff at this location have been sent home following guidelines established by the Centers for Disease Control and the Gaston County Health and Human Services.

As you can see from the underlined passages, in Gaston County their Health Department is the focus of establishing guidelines and making recommendations on the “Health Situation” in Gaston County. Something Cleveland County does not do!!

AS seen in the September 20, 2021 “botched” press release scheme by the Cleveland County Commissioners regarding made-up School Board’s plans to use School Board Chairman Robert “Luke” Queen to place restrictions on High School Football Game attendance. The purpose being to shield from the public’s view that the Commissioners chose personal profits for themselves and their buddies over the serious COVID health risks to Cleveland County citizens. AND, the Gaston County Health Department does exactly the opposite.

Folks, STAY TUNED!!! This COVID, Delta Variant, disaster ain’t over yet. And, I hear another variant is on the way. You would think that the Commissioners have learned their lessons the hard way and will require the Health Department to be, not only transparent, but truly accountable to the many honest citizens of Cleveland County who pay their salaries.

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