State Representatives Looking after Cleveland County!!! Led by Rep. Kelly Hastings!!! Partisan School Board Elections in Even Numbered Years!! Report by Robert A. Williams

A Cleveland County governmental official once asked me: “Why don’t you write about the ‘good things’ going on in Cleveland County government?” My answer was simple. There are not many “good things” actually going on in Cleveland County Government. And I’ll let the Shelby Star report the County Press Releases as they don’t do much else. I consider this article to be about “good things” going on in Raleigh—about Cleveland County government. That being the new House Bill 1105 which would move Cleveland County school board elections to even numbered years like other countywide elections. Which will enhance turnout in School Board elections and break the “Kings Mountain/Democrat hold on CCS that has led to the downward spiral in education and workforce development everywhere in Cleveland County. Not only that, but will get rid of some bad things that accompanied the school merger that refused to merge and even save taxpayer’s money at the same time.

Therefore, I would say to the House Bill 1105 Sponsor, Representative Kelly Hastings, Thank you Kelly!! Also, I would thank Representative Tim Moore and Senator -Elect Ted Alexander, Thank y’all too.

Now folks, go back and re-read my last article titled . Note the comment at the end provided by Representative Kelly Hastings. Rep. Hastings has now followed-up with more information.

Representative Kelly Hastings has provided timely and to the point information regarding the question at hand. This is a perfect example of how our government is supposed to work!!! Maybe the Commissioners, after the stunning defeat of Chairman Eddie Holbrook, will learn their lesson too.

From: Rep Kelly Hastings
To: Robert A. Williams

See below for more information. This is from our staff.
From: Cara Bridges (Fiscal Research)
Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2018 9:36 AM
To: Rep. Kelly Hastings
Cc: Grant Schwab (Fiscal Research) ; Mark Trogdon (Fiscal Research, Director)

Subject: [FTS-2018-00696] cost of elections (Rep. Kelly Hastings)

Rep. Hastings,
The municipalities in Cleveland County are billed for and reimburse the county for 100% of the cost of the municipal election. The amount each municipality within the county pays depends on their actual costs (so in other words, the cost is not just divided equally by the number of municipalities, it’s based on actual expenditures). The total cost for the 2015 municipal election in Cleveland County was $46,000.

The Cleveland County school system has never reimbursed the county for the cost of an election.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


Cara Bridges
Fiscal Research Division
***************Original Request***************
From: Rep. Kelly Hastings
Date: 11/29/2018 08:15:23 AM
Subject: FW: cost of elections
See below.
From: Rep. Kelly Hastings
Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2018 7:57 AM
To: KarenCochrane-Brown (Legislative Analysis, Director)
Cc: James Jenkins (Rep. Kelly Hastings)
Subject: cost of elections
I need to know how much the municipalities reimburse the county of Cleveland or any entity in the county for the municipal elections held in the odd years. Also, has the school system ever reimbursed Cleveland County or any entity for school board elections held in the odd years.
We are attempting to move the Cleveland County school board elections to the even years.
Time is of the essence and essence meaning before session today.

Editor’s Note: Representative Kelly Hastings’ promptly providing information to his Cleveland County Constituents regarding the proposed change in the Cleveland County’s school board election schedule is surely a good and welcome thing. County Taxpayers and voters should be aware of how well Rep. Hastings is looking after us. We look for more of the same from Rep. Hastings as well as Rep. Tim Moore and Senator Elect Ted Alexander. Commissioners, We are DEMANDING similar treatment from you too. Beginning December 3, 2018 when you are sworn in.

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