Star Article Tries to Give Suicide in Jail a Happy Ending!!!– While Perfect Crimes Go Unpunished!!! —Report and commentary by Robert A. Williams

The Shelby Star article titled Man Dies after Suicide Attempt in Jail published April 4, 2017 should have been published April Fool’s Day for all the sense it made. And for another reason I will share with you a bit later in this article.

The Star article tried to make you forget about common sense. According to the Shelby Daily Liar Chris Cody lived for three days on life support before he died after a failed suicide attempt in jail. Can you spot the misrepresentation. It’s like the Star is saying Chris Cody’s suicide attempt and Chris Cody dying don’t have anything to do with one another. Like the suicide attempt and the person dying didn’t have anything to do with one another. The fact is a suicide attempt is when you do some act to take your own life and you don’t die. You don’t die right then and you don’t die thereafter because of the act you committed. It is suicide when you commit an act to take your own life and you die because of that act. Right then or a bit later.

So, why did the Star make such big deal about an “suicide attempt in jail” and then dying later? It’s gotta be a cover-up. That would be my first impression. But there is more.

Let’s reconstruct what happened here and add in some information my sources provided. The Star report said Chris Cody was found in his cell hanged by a cord from some shorts.
Then Cody was taken to a nearby hospital and then transported to Carolina’s Medical in Charlotte. This nearby hospital had to be the Carolina’s Medical Hospital in Shelby. Just a few blocks away. Doesn’t the Shelby Hospital have first aid training, do CPR and such? Why transport Chris Cody to Charlotte and then put him on life support? By the time it took to get Chris Cody to Charlotte, he had to already be brain dead or just dead. Was hooking up a dead body to life support done to cover up something? There is more.

According to the Star Report, Chris Cody “attempted” suicide Thursday afternoon, March 30, 2017. My sources tell me they had already decided late Friday to pull the plug on life support the next day, Saturday, April 1, 2017, but then decided not do so because that was April Fool’s Day. So, they pulled the plug Sunday, April 2, 2017. The actual time the life support system might have had any hope of reviving Chris Cody was around 24 hours.

Does any of this make any sense? And, why did it take the Shelby Star six days to write the story? And, most of all, why is the Star trying to put a happy ending to Chris Cody committing suicide in the Cleveland County Jail? There is more.

Remember the shooting death of a 23 year old mother at a party in Kingstown around 2:0AM October 9, 2016? Scroll on back for my article about that. There were over 100 witnesses at that party and the case investigation has gone nowhere. The Star has also let the case go quiet. Wonder why?

I wonder too but have found out a few things. Guess who was living in that house with the 100 people partying all over. The son (or grandson) of Sheriff’s Department Captain Durwin Briscoe. Now there are two deaths with some connection to Sheriff’s Department Captain Durwin Briscoe. Two deaths that certainly seem to have the truth being “slow-walked” at the Sheriff’s Department AND at the Shelby Star.

Don’t get me wrong. Sheriff Alan Norman has done a major good job of rescuing the Sheriff’s Department from the chaos of just a few years ago. And Skippy Foster is gone from the Star. But, a shooting death at a party with over 100 witnesses and a suicide death in the jail indicate problems that need some major attention by the Sheriff and his staff. The Star subscribers, the few that remain, ought to be raising cane with the Star about all this poor and slanted reporting. There is more. Lots more.

At the Cleveland County Commissioner’s meeting April 4, 2017 the commissioners heard a report from Partners Behavioral Health. Partners are some sort of mental health company Cleveland County has foolishly gotten themselves involved with in the never ending saga of problems with the Cleveland County Mental Health system. Partners reported that over $12 million was spent on mental health for around 100 patients in Cleveland County last year and that almost one thousand patients went without treatment because of the lack of County funding or the patients not having insurance that would cover the treatment costs. Most of the money coming to Partners was Medicaid-Tax dollars. Partners also noted over $350,000 in Medicaid fraud. Apparently Chris Cody was one of those who did not receive mental health treatment while in the Cleveland County Jail.

Commissioner Johnny Hutchins was flabbergasted with the cost per patient of $120,000. So was I. All this reminded me of the Laura Moses situation a few years back I will see if I can find the articles I wrote about Laura Moses at that time. In the meantime, this is what I learned from the Laura Moses situation and others about the major fraud in the mental health industry.

First of all, most mental illnesses cannot be diagnosed by X-Rays, blood work, MRI and CAT scans like broken bones, influenza, physical injuries, etc. Mental illnesses are only diagnosed by mental health professionals (often so-called professionals). You are mentally ill when the mental health professional says you are mentally ill. You are cured from your mental illness only when the mental health professional says you are cured. This example of a perfect crime is a formula for financial disaster as statistics seem to show that you are diagnosed with a mental illness only when you have money or insurance. And you are only cured of your mental illness when your money or insurance runs out. Laura Moses was hauled down to the Gaston Memorial Hospital Mental Ward by DSS and released to go home after the 90 days of Medicaid payments ran out. All the medications Gaston Memorial Hospital gave Mrs. Moses were some B-12 vitamins and a laxative the whole time. All the while, DSS left Mrs. Moses front door wide open and Mrs. Moses’s life savings was stolen while she was gone.

Bottom line here is Mrs. Moses got 90 days of mental health treatment when she didn’t need it and Chris Cody got no mental health treatment when he did need it. Mrs. Moses died of old age. Chris Cody died (probably) in jail of suicide. Nothing was done about Mrs. Moses abuse at the hands of DSS and the money grubbing Mental Ward fraud at Gaston Memorial Hospital. I suspect nothing will be done regarding the suicide at the County Jail. There is more.

Just think a bit about all the tax dollars that paid for government programs that Chris Cody was involved with. Let’s name a few:
Cleveland County Schools and the DARE program
Court Ordered drug assessments and rehab
Jail mental health screening
Jail supervision
Prison Rehab
Many probations

Nothing worked for Chris Cody and apparently many others who are locked in to the drug scene with no escape in sight. Cleveland County has basically surrendered to the War on drugs, but taxpayer money keeps on gushing out paying for treatments and punishments that do not work.

And the Star keeps on with the cover-up. The obituary in the Star has Chris Cody has Chris Cody being a resident of Charlotte.

Chris Cody’s Funeral will be held Saturday, April 8, 2017 at 1:30 PM at the Lutz-Austell Funeral Home Chapel.

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