Speaker of the House Tim Moore Kicks off 2022 US Senate Campaign! With a Brilliant Maneuver to Amend the US Constitution!!! Report, evaluation, arguendo and opinion provided by Robert A. Williams

Folks, I may very well be the first citizen and voter in North Carolina that has publicly stated that I believe Speaker of the House Tim Moore has serious intentions to run for the US Senate in 2022 from North Carolina. I have stated in previous articles this prediction and the reasons that I made them.

Some of the things that Speaker of the House Tim Moore has done, or was instrumental in doing, I vigorously disapprove of. I will list several of them:

Cleveland County Commissioners (Tim as County Attorney and also Attorney for the Catawbas) supporting the Catawba Casino without making ANY attempt to determine a measure of support from the citizens of Cleveland Count to allow the Casino into Cleveland County.
County Commissioners wheeling and dealing for an individual piece of the action ($$$) in land deals, etc. related to the Casino. Former Commissioner Eddie Holbrook (and his select group of financial investors-including large campaign contributions) especially comes to mind. (Eddie Holbrook received and spent $68,000 on his 2018 Commissioner’s re-election Campaign, only to lose in the General Elections to Doug Bridges and Deb Hardin who together spent less than 10% of Holbrook’s campaign cash.)
Tim’s assistance in securing $18 Million or so for an Advanced Manufacturing Center for Cleveland Community College when there was not sufficient Advanced Manufacturing in the whole of Cleveland County industry to justify this expenditure. Also, Cleveland County is surrounded with Counties (Gaston, Rutherford, and Catawba) that already had active Advanced Manufacturing Centers (and jobs) that were just as accessible or more assessible for Cleveland County students. In the end, CCC is presently building a so called “Advanced Technology Center,” which is mostly classrooms, and CCC already had more Classrooms than were needed for such study.
Tim has convinced the new Cleveland County School Board Majority, headed by Robert “Luke” Queen, to keep the Kings Mountain Crowd (depleted by Shearra Miller, Richard Hooker, Roger Harris in the 2020 Elections) in high Administration Positions as well as manipulate public records to keep secret the failures at CCS to adequately educate children and maintain sound financial responsibility (Waste $$$). Tim’s hometown is Kings Mountain and Tim and his handlers do NOT want any turmoil within CCS AND Kings Mountain during Tim’s run for the of US Senator in the 2022 Elections.
Tim has arranged for $15 Million in grants to buy-off rural Cleveland County voters by building long overdue auditoriums at Burns and Crest High Schools. However, the CCS School Board and Luke Queen know that previous School Boards and CCS administrations have not properly planned for such construction and that building brand new multi-million-dollar auditoriums to 55+ year old schools are risky, bordering on foolish, business. Luke has arranged for a “secret” Request for Qualifications, falsely called an RFQ, to be issued to various “architects and planners” to assess CCS facilities. Besides calling on the wrong set of skills to access facilities (this will be covered in a separate article), inserting $15 million in cash, plus another $5 Million from local funds into an unplanned set of construction projects, is totally foolish on top of stupid. 2020 was a “Census” year and the demographics of Cleveland County should be incorporated in future planning to replace aging high schools and other school facilities. This $20 million for new auditoriums would be much better spent by incorporating that funding with funding for new schools and high schools for CCS-starting with building replacement High Schools for Burns and Crest. And including Swimming Pools. All incorporated into community-based planning so expensive Auditoriums and Swimming Pools would be available to the general public during summer months when schools are NOT in session.

NOW, let’s get to Tim Moore’s actual running for the US Senate in 2022, the planning and strategy.

Over this past Easter Weekend, the Shelby Star and Gaston Gazette have published big Front Page-above the fold-articles about Speaker of the House Tim Moore backing a Constitutional Convention to amend the US Constitution to enact term limits for the US Congress as well as to require balanced Federal budgets. And perhaps other things. Tim said he believes Article V of the US Constitution (The Amendment Clause) would allow STATE LEGISLATURES to call Constitutional Conventions and pass Amendments.

So, what do I do? I look up Article V of the US Constitution and read it very, very carefully. Tim is right. Very, Very Right!!! The framers of the Constitution were also right. Very, Very right. It goes like this:

Article V of the US Constitution, not the Bill of Rights, not the various Amendments, but the body of the Constitution itself, allows for a process to Amend the Constitution when it is deemed necessary” that the Constitution be amended. “Deemed Necessary” are the key words here. As well as WHO does the “deeming”???

Article V provides for two groups and ways to do the deeming:
1. The US Congress. Both the US House of Representatives and the US Senate by a two-thirds vote in both houses may initiate a Convention to amend the US Constitution. If the issue is “term limits” as Tim Moore suggests, the fact that both the US House and the US Senate are full of “Professional” and “Career” politicians; the likelihood that this option could ever be used to amend the Constitution to initiate “term limits” would be exactly ZERO!!! This will never happen. Too many Nancy Pelosi’s and too many Chuck Schumer’s for that.


2. The “Application” of the Legislatures of two-thirds of the several states, shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments.

Then, by either process of “Deeming”, an Amendment may be ratified when three-fourths of the individual state’s legislatures ratify that particular Amendment.

Speaker of the NC House Tim Moore is clearly talking about Part 2 as described above. Two-thirds of the state’s legislatures (34 states) could propose an Amendment of the US Constitution and three-fourths of the state legislatures (38 states) could RATIFY that amendment. Approvals in the individual state legislatures would be by a simple Majority. A do-able process.

Williams, you might ask, How is Tim Moore’s plan such a “brilliant maneuver” as you said and how can it be made to work when approval of so many state legislatures are required???

I say, remember the history of the US Constitution and the fact that there are just a few large states and lots of small states. Then remember the causes of the Civil War.

When the US Constitution was adopted in 1789, there were no provisions for Federal Taxation to produce Federal revenue except for tariffs on goods exported from the United States. And what were the “goods” exported at that time. Cotton and tobacco and other agricultural products and timber All the cotton and tobacco were raised in the Southern States using slave labor. Remember, there were no mechanized farming in those early days as well as very little to insignificant manufacturing of exported goods in those days.

So, the Southern States raised essentially all of the Federal revenue in those early days. And where was In the Northern States the vast majority of that Federal revenue generated from the Southern states spent? In the Northern states. For infrastructure in and around the larger Northern cities and towns. And for fledgling trade routes like the Erie Canal.

Now, fast forward around 200 years to the new $2 trillion Infrastructure Bill proposed by the Biden Presidency. Where will the vast majority of that infrastructure upgrade construction take place. New York. New Jersey, Illinois (Chicago area) and California. Who will be taxed to pay for all those massive infrastructure improvement projects? A 33% US Corporate tax increase which will be passed along to ALL citizens-North and South, East and West, rich and poor, when we pay for all the goods and services we have to purchase to survive in the USA.

So, states such as New York, New Jersey, Illinois and California would object to ratifying such amendments to enact term limits in the US Congress, require balanced budgets and such. But that is only four states. That leaves 46 states who have to pay taxes that will be mostly spent in those four states. Therefore getting 38 states to ratify a few common-sense Constitutional Amendments ought to be a breeze under this scenario. Especially when STATE Legislatures get to do the ratifying.

Therefore, Speaker of the House Tim Moore is on the fight side on this Amendment Process for the US Constitution that could right lots of wrongs done at the Federal level of government. This “brilliant maneuver” will surely bring favorable attention to US Senate Candidate Tim Moore from many conservative quarters in North Carolina and the USA in the process.

All that being said, the 2020 elections are getting close and I would expect Tim to clean up his act in the areas noted at the beginning of this article. Otherwise, our recommendation for the US Senator from North Carolina in the 2022 Elections may end up going to Laura Trump.

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