Speaker of the House Tim Moore being watched closely!!! Report by Robert A. Williams

NC District 111 Representative Tim Moore, also Speaker of the NC House, is being watched closely. One of the latest examples of scrutiny is Tim’s Part Time Job as the Cleveland County Attorney. Some time back we broke the story of how former County Attorney Bob Yelton was rooted out rather unprofessionally by the County Commissioners so Tim Moore could be hired. Tim’s cousin and loser Jason Falls led that clumsy effort that left a bad taste in everybody’s mouth and made Cleveland County appear to be run by a bunch of “hicks.” Which is pretty much correct in lots of ways.

Anyway, the following article shows an examination of just how much Attorney Tim Moore has been paid by Cleveland County. It appears to be high, but the county has ways of getting themselves into trouble and need a lawyer to get them out. Until we elect good officials that is not likely to change anytime soon.

So, here is an example of Tim Moore being watched closely. We watch Tim closely too. And report accordingly. As long as Tim stays within the law, let him make all that he can make. If he gets on the wrong side of the law, then we will put him in jail. Same with everybody else. No more cover-up will be allowed from anybody.

$peaker Timmy got paid HOW MUCH ???

Also: Moore’s County Attorney Invoices

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